July 19, 2024
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Waterbomb Goddess Kwon Eunbi flaunts her figure in a blue swimsuit

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Waterbomb Goddess Kwon Eunbi flaunts her figure in a blue swimsuit

On July 7th, Kwon Eunbi took to her personal SNS account to share a photo of herself rocking a blue two-piece bikini, tagging the official Waterbomb account.

“The released photos show behind-the-scenes of ‘Waterbomb Seoul 2024‘. Kwon Eunbi, with her jet-black hair, styled a blue bikini swimsuit with a white tube top, exuding her charm. She once again grabbed the title of ‘Waterbomb Goddess’, which she earned through her appearance at Waterbomb last year,” according to online reports.

Meanwhile, ‘Waterbomb Seoul 2024‘, which began on the 5th, is attracting attention with other hot stars such as Zico, Hwasa, Park Jaebeom, and Sunmi appearing. Kwon Eunbi is proving her popularity by appearing at the Waterbomb Festival for two consecutive years, following last year’s appearance.

The idol recently released her second single ‘SABOTAGE’ in June and has been actively promoting the title track of the same name.

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