July 19, 2024
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ITZY’s Lia Makes Triumphant Return During “GV NIGHT with ITZY” Livestream

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ITZYs Lia Makes Triumphant Return During GV NIGHT with ITZY Livestream

Lia Announces Return to Group, Shares Heartwarming Memories with MIDZY

On July 8th, ITZY’s official YouTube channel came alive with a special live broadcast titled “GV NIGHT with ITZY.” The event held a particular significance as it marked the return of Lia, a member who had been on hiatus due to health reasons. The occasion also coincided with the 5th anniversary of MIDZY, ITZY’s dedicated fan club.

Lia’s “Matilda” Makeover

Lia’s return wasn’t just about rejoining the group; it was a full-fledged comeback. She sported a chic short haircut and donned makeup reminiscent of the iconic film character, Matilda. The production crew and fellow ITZY members showered her with a warm welcome.

Maintaining the playful spirit, Lia donned sunglasses and introduced herself as “Matilda.” When complimented on her beauty without the shades, she promptly removed them, adding a humorous twist: “I’m Matilda who stole Leon’s sunglasses.” It was clear Lia was ecstatic to celebrate MIDZY’s anniversary with her group and fans.

Memorable Moments with MIDZY

The ITZY members embarked on a delightful journey of reminiscing about their most cherished moments together. Lia selected their very first showcase tour as one of her top three unforgettable experiences. “Looking back,” she shared, “it feels like a movie. It was the day we first got to meet our overseas MIDZYs.”

Yejin chimed in, adding her recollection of the event: “I remember that day vividly. We had a high-touch event, and I think the fans were a little surprised by how excited we were.”

Lee Chae Yeon, unable to contain her laughter, also contributed to the memory lane trip: “The fans’ reactions were incredible. We were so hyped up ourselves!” Ryujin couldn’t help but add a playful jab, saying, “That’s why we got scolded by our company.”

Lia’s next pick for a most memorable moment was the outdoor fan meeting held at a broadcasting station. However, the true surprise came when she declared “Every Moment” as her number one.

The other members were visibly surprised by this choice, with Ryujin jokingly remarking, “She had nothing else to choose?” Lia offered a heartwarming explanation: “Honestly, I don’t recall many outdoor fan meetings because we haven’t had that many. But the first one I attended, where I wore a long padding jacket, is forever etched in my memory.”

She continued, expressing her deep appreciation for her fans: “We often take things for granted, but everything we experience holds so much meaning. Once those moments pass, they transform into cherished memories, like scenes from a movie.” Lia’s heartfelt words beautifully encapsulated the night’s theme of love and appreciation between ITZY and their devoted MIDZY.

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