June 22, 2024

Site Guidelines

Welcome to CINDRAMA

We’re thrilled to have you here. We aim to create a thriving community for fans of K-pop, C-drama and K-drama.

Our Vibe

Think of us as a friendly neighborhood for K-pop, C-drama and K-drama enthusiasts. We encourage lively discussions and healthy debate, but there are some ground rules to keep things positive and respectful.

What Gets Removed

Our moderators keep an eye out for anything that disrupts the positive atmosphere. Here are some things that will likely get the boot:

  • Spam: You know it, we hate it. No unsolicited advertising allowed.
  • Attacks: Name-calling, insults, and personal attacks have no place here.
  • Troublemaking: Trolling, baiting, and other forms of disruption are unwelcome.
  • Doxxing: Sharing private information about others is a big no-no.
  • Discrimination: We celebrate diversity. Hate speech and prejudice will not be tolerated.
  • Constant Negativity: We understand healthy criticism, but relentless negativity brings the mood down.
  • Victim Blaming: We treat victims with respect, regardless of the situation.
  • Fake Accounts: One person, one account. Period.

Keeping it Clean

We don’t censor everything, but we do encourage respectful discourse. Feel free to share your opinions, even if they differ from the mainstream. Just make sure they follow the guidelines.

See Something, Say Something

If you spot a comment that breaks the rules, use the “flag” function. This helps us identify and remove problematic content quickly.

Flagged Comments

Comments with a certain number of flags get automatically removed. We review all flagged comments and reinstate those that comply with the guidelines.

Thread Deletions

Sometimes, we might delete an entire thread if the main comment is problematic, even if some replies are okay.

Second Chances

We understand honest mistakes happen. If we believe you broke a rule unintentionally, we’ll likely point you in the right direction and give you another shot. But repeated rule-breaking will have consequences.

Let’s Make This Awesome!

By following these guidelines, we can all contribute to a fun and informative space for K-pop, C-drama and K-drama fans. Let’s get started!