July 23, 2024
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“Tender Light” Holds Pre-Screening Event, Unveiling Suspenseful Story and Behind-the-scenes Stories

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The emotional suspense drama “Tender Light” recently held a pre-screening event, with director Yao Xiao Feng, general producer Zhang Shu Wei, and actors Tong Yao, Zhang Xin Cheng, Zhao Hao Hong, Tian Xiao Jie, and Dean Liu attending the event to discuss the details of the drama and share behind-the-scenes stories.

Tender Light Drama Info

A Murder Ignited in a Quiet Town: A Look at the Story

“Tender Light” is directed by Yao Xiao Feng, produced by Zhang Shu Wei, written by Yunfei Mao, and starring Tong Yao and Zhang Xin Cheng. The drama tells the story of a shocking incident that unfolds in a quiet town due to a bizarre murder case.

  • A Case Full of Doubts: The Murder of Xu Yi

At the opening of “Tender Light,” a murder case full of doubts is presented. On New Year’s Eve, businessman Xu Yi (played by Dean Liu) is brutally murdered, and the caller, Xu Yi’s wife Nan Ya (played by Tong Yao), admits to killing her husband by mistake. However, Zhou Luo (played by Zhang Xin Cheng), the only eyewitness at the crime scene, has an unexplained whereabouts for one and a half hours, suggesting that there are many hidden secrets behind the suspicious case.

  • Suspense, Confrontation, and Poetic Lens Language

As the plot unfolds, various suspenseful plots, confrontations between the characters, and poetic and metaphorical lens language arouse the audience’s strong interest. Was Nan Ya’s killing of her husband self-defense or a carefully planned murder? What did Zhou Luo do during that one and a half hour? Is he the mastermind of the crime, and Nan Ya is just taking the blame for him?

Exploring Lives Beyond Suspense: The Creators’ Intent

In the post-screening sharing session, director Yao Xiao Feng and general producer Zhang Shu Wei interpreted the core of the film’s story in this way: “Under the shell of suspense and detective work, it explores the lives of the people in the town, reflecting on the plight of women, anti-social violence, and other realistic issues, as well as how a woman in adversity yearns for a better life and seeks self-redemption.”

Unveiling the Characters: The Cast Speaks Their Truth

Several actors also shared their understanding of their characters and their feelings during filming.

Tong Yao: Deeply Empathizing with Nan Ya’s Plight

Tong Yao admitted that she wanted to escape the set several times while filming the domestic violence scenes, deeply empathizing with Nan Ya’s desire to escape the town. However, in the face of injustice, Nan Ya “has been trying to save herself.”

  • Zhang Xin Cheng on Zhang Qing Li: A New Generation of Women

In Xin Cheng’s eyes, Zhang Qing Li (Wang Zi Xuan) “has her own judgment and inner struggles and persistence,” representing a new generation of women with the awakening of female consciousness.

  • The Humanity Within: Other Cast Members Share Their Thoughts

In Chen Jun’s actor Zhao Hao Hong’s view, “Huashan F4 is a breath of fresh air in Qingshui Town,” and the friendship of the four members, as well as their kindness and fearlessness, also add a touch of warmth to this small-town story. Tian Xiao Jie described Lao Chen as “just an ordinary person,” to some extent he is the epitome of this town, and his change of attitude during the investigation also reflects the complexity of human nature. Dean Liu said that the role of Xu Yi is very challenging for him, he is the “culprit of this storm in the story,” and also the most “depressing” character in the whole drama.

  • Zhang Xin Cheng: A Talent Praised by Director and Co-Star

When talking about their evaluation of Zhang Xin Cheng’s performance in the play, director Yao Xiao Feng praised him as “delicate, meticulous and smart,” “he understands the characters very quickly, and it is very pleasant to cooperate with him, and he can quickly give you what you want.” General producer Zhang Shu Wei “revealed” that Zhang Xin Cheng likes this play very much, he “watched it again and again” in the editing room, and even wanted to copy a disc to go back and watch it again. Tong Yao talked about her partner Zhang Xin Cheng and praised him as “a very good actor,” “when acting with him, I often get into his state,” and “his clean and clear eyes, the enthusiasm of a young boy, are very good.”

High-Quality Script and Touching Story: The Director’s Vision

“Tender Light” is another collaboration between director Yao Xiao Feng and general producer Zhang Shu Wei after “War of Faith (2024),” embodying the creators’ unique feelings about the real society and their sincere experience of individual life. In the post-screening interview, director Yao Xiao Feng admitted that because he found the “dare to face difficulties” screenwriter Yunfei Mao, after two or three years of precipitation, he finally created a high-quality script. He strives to “tell a touching story, but also have enough suspense to support it, to drive the audience to follow the aim is to “make the audience see it, be touched by it, and feel emotions.”

Premiere Information

“Tender Light” is set to premiere on April 27th on CCTV-8’s prime time slot and simulcast on Youku. It is also the first drama series for Youku’s White Night Theater (a name of a program on Youku).

Xie Ying, vice president of Youku and general manager of the drama center, said that Youku’s suspense drama theater has just been upgraded to the White Night Theater. As the first drama series of the White Night Theater, “Tender Light” is different from the traditional pure hard-core suspense drama. It has a high degree of artistry and presents a murder case that happened in a closed town before and after the millennium through an innovative narrative style.

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