April 16, 2024
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EXID’s Hani’s Casual Wedding Guest Look Sparks Discussion

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EXIDs Hanis Casual Wedding Guest Look Sparks Discussion

On March 20, EXID’s Hani posted several photos on her social media account with the caption ” Kang Min-joooo.” The photos were presumed to be taken at the waiting room of a wedding venue.

In the photos, Hani is wearing a black top and beige pants. She is posing with her legs spread apart and a playful smile on her face, exuding a natural vibe. With her light makeup and hair tied down, Hani’s appearance is in contrast to the other EXID members, LE and Junghwa, who are dressed more neatly. LE is wearing a calm-colored outfit with long blonde hair, while Junghwa is wearing a sky blue shirt and skirt, showing off her innocent charm.

Hani’s post became a hot topic, with various opinions being posted on social media.

Many netizens expressed their disappointment, saying, “Her outfit is so casual, I thought it was photoshopped. I can’t believe it,” and “She’s being compared to the other members.”

However, some people defended Hani’s wedding guest look. They said, “The main characters of a wedding are the bride and groom. There’s no need for the guests to dress up too much,” “It’s a congratulatory occasion, so we should just congratulate them,” “She’ll get criticized no matter what she wears,” and “She looks happy.”

Meanwhile, Hani went public with her relationship with a psychiatrist 10 years her senior, Yang Jae-woong, in October 2022.

In 2014, Hani’s fancam for “Up & Down” gained massive attention, leading to EXID’s successful reverse run. As the “main character of the reverse run,” Hani gained popularity through various variety shows and established herself as a top star. Recently, Hani has been showing off her excellent acting skills by appearing in various dramas.

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