June 22, 2024
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Go Hyun-jung Reflects on Marriage to Shinsegae Chairman: “I Got Married Too Early”

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Go Hyun jung Reflects on Marriage to Shinsegae Chairman I Got Married Too Early 1

Go Hyun-jung Opens Up About Marriage and Divorce

On May 17th, actress Go Hyun-jung uploaded a video titled “Go Hyun-jung Vlog 2” on her YouTube channel, which she launched 35 years after her debut.

The video features Go Hyun-jung attending an official event in Tokyo, Japan, as an ambassador for a luxury jewelry brand.

In the epilogue subtitles of the video, Go Hyun-jung sheds light on her past, stating, “In 1995, I left the entertainment industry, got married, and began my newlywed life in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. I lived there for almost three years.”

Isolation and Loneliness During Marriage

Go Hyun-jung described the challenges she faced during her marriage, saying, “I didn’t know anyone, I didn’t know where to go, and I was embarrassed to be alone outside, so I would stay at home if I had any spare time.” She added, “Whether I was with someone or not, I spent a lot of time alone.”

Go Hyun-jung then elaborated on the loneliness she experienced during her newlywed life, stating, “I started doing a lot of things on my own in Tokyo, like cooking and shopping alone. It was Tokyo where I needed the courage to endure the times I was alone even though I was with someone.”

Reflecting on Divorce from Shinsegae Chairman Chung Yong-jin

Go Hyun-jung has previously discussed the behind-the-scenes of her divorce from her ex-husband, Shinsegae Chairman Chung Yong-jin, on past broadcasts. Appearing on the MBC variety show “Golden Fishery-Knee Talk,” she explained her reason for divorce, saying, “I think I got married too early.”

Go Hyun-jung revealed her honest feelings at the time, stating, “If I had met him after learning and growing a lot, I think I could have been the person he expected, but I don’t think I could.”

Despite acknowledging the challenges in their relationship, Go Hyun-jung also complimented Chung Yong-jin’s character, saying, “He has a sophisticated sense of humor and is a kind and cool person. He could be boring if he puts on airs and brags, but he doesn’t have that at all, so he was great when we were dating.”

She further surprised viewers by stating, “If I only looked at the person (Chung Yong-jin), I had no regrets about retiring from the entertainment industry due to marriage. If I were to go back, I would marry him if I only looked at the person.”

Fan Reactions and Go Hyun-jung’s Return to Entertainment

Netizens who came across the news expressed various reactions, including “I think she must have been very lonely back then,” “It feels like she’s explaining her and her husband’s newlywed life to her children who she hasn’t been able to tell before,” and “It’s even more heartbreaking because she talks about it so calmly… I support you!”

Following her sudden retirement from the entertainment industry in 1995 after marrying Shinsegae Chairman Chung Yong-jin, Go Hyun-jung announced their divorce after eight years and six months of marriage in 2003. She subsequently returned to the entertainment industry in 2005 with the drama “Spring Day.” Go Hyun Jung lastly acted in the lead role in the drama “Mask Girl,” and her upcoming drama, “The Starry Night,” is expected to be released at the end of 2024. She has recently reconnected with fans through social media platforms and her YouTube channel.

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