May 19, 2024
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Actress Hwang Jung Eum Apologizes for Publicly Shaming Innocent Woman

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Hwang Jung Eum Apologizes for Publicly Shaming Innocent Woman
Actress: Hwang Jung Eum

On April 4, Actress Hwang Jung Eum faces backlash after exposing a woman’s photo and account on suspicion of being her husband’s mistress

Actress Hwang Jung Eum is embroiled in controversy after publicly accusing a woman on social media of being her husband’s mistress.

On the 3rd, Hwang Jung Eum uploaded a screenshot of the unidentified woman’s social media post to her own account. The post included captions like, “Hey ugly, please marry Lee Young Don (husband of Hwang Jung Eum) and get a divorce. Don’t go to Bangkok after the divorce?” and “Please marry my husband. The only reason I’m posting this is because Lee Young Don, who ran away from home, please get a divorce and go to Thailand.”

Hwang Jung Eum quickly deleted the post, but the woman, identified only as Ms. A, came forward on her own social media platform.

Ms. A vehemently denied the accusations, stating on her Instagram, “I am not the mistress of Lee Young Don, who was shot by Hwang Jung Eum.” She further clarified, “I didn’t even know who Mr. Lee Young Don was, and he probably doesn’t even know of my existence.” Ms. A then tagged Hwang Jung Eum’s account and wrote, “I don’t usually watch ‘SNL’, but this time I watched and cheered on Hwang Jung Eum’s part from beginning to end. Please check, Ms. Hwang Jung Eum.”

Hwang Jung Eum responded with an apology, acknowledging a misunderstanding during her personal struggles. She stated, “There was a misunderstanding during the process of sorting out my personal affairs.” She continued, “I sincerely apologize for uploading the post of an ordinary person and causing harm to the person involved and those around them.

Hwang Jung Eum further elaborated, “I am writing this post again to correct the content,” and apologized directly to Ms. A, stating, “I also contacted the person involved directly to apologize for the damage.”

The incident has sparked outrage online, with netizens criticizing Hwang Jung Eum for publicly humiliating an innocent person. Comments like, “Write specifically that you shot an ordinary person who is not a mistress as a mistress,” “A woman who was working a normal job is being called a prostitute,” and “Don’t play with someone’s life,” flooded social media platforms.

Hwang Jung Eum’s marital status has also been under scrutiny. The actress married former professional golfer Lee Young-don in 2016. In September 2020, she filed for divorce mediation, but the couple reconciled a year later with the news of their second pregnancy. However, last month, Hwang Jung Eum posted a photo with Lee Young-don accompanied by a cryptic caption, hinting at marital problems. Shortly after, news of their ongoing divorce proceedings surfaced.

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