May 19, 2024
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Seo Yu-ri Addresses Criticism and Opens Up About Divorce Reason

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Seo Yu ri Addresses Criticism and Opens Up About Divorce Reason

On the 25th, Seo Yu-ri, a popular broadcaster, recently spoke out about her controversial comments and addressed the reason behind her divorce from ex-husband PD Choi Byung-gil.

“It’s Hard to Make a Living If You Take Variety Shows Too Seriously”

Seo Yu-ri’s comments come after the pre-release video of MBN’s ‘Dongchimi Show‘ was released on the 24th. The show, which is slated to air on the 27th, features Seo Yu-ri as a guest. In a statement, Seo Yu-ri said, “Everyone, I’ve just been working hard as a broadcaster. It’s hard to make a living if you take variety shows too seriously.”

“I Feel So Relieved and Good. I’m Free”

During the show, Seo Yu-ri revealed her feelings after the divorce, stating, “I feel so relieved and good. I’m free.” She continued, elaborating on the difficulties she faced during her marriage, “After marriage, I hardly gained any weight. We ate the same food, but who got pregnant as the years went by? We clearly don’t have a child between us.”

“Women Also Want to Have Handsome Husbands”

Seo Yu-ri went on to add, “I shouldn’t have packaged that as happiness. I was very upset to see it,” emphasizing, “Women also want to have handsome husbands. Don’t men tell women, ‘Don’t gain weight after marriage’? Women also like handsome husbands.”

Seo Yu-ri and PD Choi Byung-gil Announce Divorce

Seo Yu-ri and PD Choi Byung-gil started their journey as husband and wife in 2019. The couple announced their divorce last month after five years of marriage.

In a statement announcing the split, Seo Yu-ri stated, “I’m sorry to tell you some bad news. I tried my best, but I chose to adjust due to differences that I couldn’t narrow down. I hope you will see us working hard in our own way in the future, as this is a conclusion I came to after much thought. I’m sorry for the inconvenience and fatigue.”

Source (news.nate)

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