July 19, 2024
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Serendipity’s Embrace (2024) Cast, Plot & Premiere Info

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The new tvN Monday-Tuesday drama “Serendipity’s Embrace” (directed by Song Hyun Wook, written by Park Geu Ro, planned by Studio Dragon, produced by iOK Company and Big Story, based on the Naver webtoon “Is It Coincidence?” (written by Nam Ji Eun, illustrated by Kim In Ho.) It will premiere on Monday, July 22nd at 8:40 PM KST.

Plot Synopsis

The drama is based on the Naver webtoon of the same name and tells the story of 19-year-old boys and girls who reunite as 29-year-old young adults and search for their own destiny amidst countless coincidences.

Lee Hong Joo (Kim So Hyun), an animation producer scarred by a high school heartbreak, avoids love at all costs. A chance encounter reunites her with Kang Hoo Yeong (Chae Jong Hyeop), her first love from 10 years ago. As they reconnect, both grapple with resurfacing memories, good and bad.

Meet the cast of “Serendipity’s Embrace”

Meet the cast of Serendipitys Embrace
  • Kim So Hyun plays Lee Hong Joo, an animation producer who became afraid of love after a bad breakup in high school. She reunites with her first love, Kang Hoo Young, after 10 years.
  • Chae Jong Hyeop takes on the role of Kang Hoo Young, a successful financial planner with a charming personality. He meets his first love, Lee Hong Joo, again after returning to Korea.
  • Yoon Ji On portrays Bang Jun Ho, a free-spirited writer who seems to have some regrets about the past.
  • Kim Da Som plays Kim Hye Ji, Lee Hong Joo’s best friend and an English teacher who is bold and always looking for love.

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