June 22, 2024
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DNA Lover (Korean Drama 2024) Cast, Plot & Premiere Info

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Plot Synopsis

“DNA Lover” is a romantic comedy about a genetics researcher named Han So-jin who has had countless failed relationships and decides to use genetics to find her soulmate. Jeong In-seon’s character, Han So-jin, is a fatalist who believes in destiny despite being a genetics researcher. Unable to find the reason for her repeated relationship failures, she eventually decides to use genetics to find her soulmate. Thus begins her quest for love with two men she meets.

Meet the cast of “DNA Lover”

DNA Lover Korean Drama 2024 Cast Plot Premiere Info
Image Courtesy: SM Entertainment, H& Entertainment, Hicone Entertainment, and Man of Creation
  • Choi Si-won as Shim Yeon-woo: A skilled and sensitive obstetrician and gynecologist at Shim Hospital. He is intelligent and emotionally intelligent, but he has a knack for breaking up with women the moment they try to control or change him.
  • Jung In-sun as Han So-jin: A researcher at the “Beneficial Gene Center” who is obsessed with the idea of finding a perfect genetic match.
  • Lee Tae-hwan as Seo Kang-hoon: A handsome firefighter who is always there for Han So-jin.
  • Jung Eugene as Jang Mi-eun: A polyamorous relationship columnist who understands Shim Yeon-woo’s cool lifestyle and believes that “a woman who expects everything from one man is bound to get hurt.”
  • Joo Hee-jae as BK: The director of the New Gene Center, Han So-jin’s senior at work, and Shim Yeon-woo’s senior at school.
  • Seo Ji-young as Yoo Myung-hee: So-jin’s mother and an installation artist.
  • Jung Yi-rang as Jo In-sook: A midwife who is strict on the outside but becomes the most reliable support for pregnant women during childbirth.
  • Jung Min-sung as Kang Young-chul: A loving and gentle father who raises his two sons while still grieving for his late wife.
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