July 19, 2024
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BTS’ RM Mourns the Loss of His Furry Friend Monie

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RM BTS mourns the loss of their beloved dog Monie.

BTS leader RM is mourning the loss of his beloved dog, Monie. his beloved dog The white Pomeranian died about a few months ago, according to RM, who shared the news during a live stream on Weverse.

Monie is a beloved family member of RM and his passing was a difficult time for everyone. RM said that Monie didn’t spend too much time with him as he was always on tour. But the members of his family who lived with Monie remained unbroken. He said that Monie was really their family. And he bought a painting that looked like Monie from an exhibition and hung it in the kitchen.

RM’s fans were heartbroken upon hearing the news of Monie’s passing. They shared their condolences on social media and said that Monie would be devastated. Many fans also expressed their gratitude to RM for sharing the news with them and telling them to They know how much Monie means to him and his family.

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