May 19, 2024
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My Dearest Historical Romantic K-drama (2023)

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Details about the Korean drama My Dearest

My Dearest is a South Korean historical romantic drama that takes place in Joseon in the year of the Rat. The drama follows the story of Lee Jang Hyun, (played by Namgoong Min) A mysterious man who suddenly appears in the society circle. He appears to be cheerful, but he is actually a complex person.

A woman named Yoo Gil Chae (Ahn Eun Jin) appears in front of him and his life changes. Yoo Gil Chae was the daughter of a noble family. She is a lovely woman full of confidence. While experiencing the transformation caused by Qing’s invasion and falling in love with Lee Jang Hyun, she grows as a person.

The series directed by Kim Sung Yong, is a South Korean director who has directed several popular dramas such as The Veil (2021), My Healing Love (2018), and Let’s Hold Hands Tightly and Watch The Sunset (2018).

Hwang Jin Young is the screenwriter My Dearest, she has written two popular dramas “The King’s Daughter, Soo Baek-Hyang (2014) and Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People (2017)”

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  • Drama Title: My Dearest | 연인
  • Also Known As (AKA): My Dearest Part 1, Yeonin 1, Lovers 1, My Dearest 1, 연인 파트 1, 戀人1
  • Main Cast: Namkoong Min as Lee Jang Hyun, Ahn Eun Jin as Yoo Gil Chae, Lee Hak Joo as Nam Yeon Jun, Lee Da In as Kyung Eun Ae, Kim Yoon Woo as Ryang Eum
  • Country: South Korea
  • Genres: Historical, Romance, Melodrama
  • Director: Kim Sung Yong
  • Screenwriter: Hwang Jin Young
  • Number of Episodes: 10
  • Release date: Aug 4, 2023
  • Finale episode date: Sep 2, 2023
  • Aired On: Friday, Saturday
  • Network: MBC

Story Summary of the My Dearest

In the 1600s, during the Qing invasion of Korea, Yu Gil Chae is a beautiful and headstrong young woman who lives in the small town of Neunggun-ri. She is known as the “99-tailed fox” for her sharp wit and her ability to get men to fall for her. However, Gil Chae has never been able to find love herself.

One day, a mysterious man named Lee Jang Hyun arrives in Neunggun-ri, but he also has a dark past. Jang Hyun is immediately drawn to Gil Chae, but she is wary of him. She knows that he is hiding something, and she is determined to find out what it is.

As the two of them get to know each other, they begin to fall in love. However, their happiness is threatened by the war. Jang Hyun is forced to leave Neunggun-ri to fight for his country, and Gil Chae is left behind to fend for herself.

The war drags on, and Gil Chae and Jang Hyun are separated for many years. But their love for each other never dies. When the war finally ends, they are reunited and finally able to be together.

Yu Gil Chae (Ahn Eun Jin) and Lee Jang Hyun (Namkoong Min)

Where To Watch My Dearest

My Dearest will be released on KOCOWA & Viki after airing on MBC. The series is divided into two parts of 10 episodes each. Part 1 will premiere on August 4, 2023, and Part 2 will be released in October.

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