April 16, 2024
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Jung Eun-chae and Kim Chung-jae Confirmed to be Dating

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Jung Eun chae and Kim Chung jae Confirmed to be Dating

Dating and Past Relationships

Love is in the air for actress Jung Eun-chae (37). Her agency, Project HOSU, spilled the beans on March 21st, confirming her relationship with product designer and entertainer Kim Chung-jae (37). Both sides agree they’re “dating with positive feelings,” and it seems their artistic connection is the spark. Kim, a graduate of Kookje University (Western Painting) and Hongik University’s design program, shares Jung Eun-chae’s passion for art and design. Interestingly, Jung Eun-chae started at the prestigious Central Saint Martins art school in the UK before pursuing acting.

While their current relationship is blossoming, whispers of Jung Eun-chae’s past relationships have also surfaced. Back in 2013, rumors swirled around a possible connection with Japanese actor Ryo Kase (49). The significant age difference and his existing relationship raised eyebrows, but Jung Eun-chae’s agency shut down the rumors, stating they were never an item.

Another dating scandal resurfaced in 2020, linking Jung Eun-chae to singer Jung Joon-il (41). Reports claimed she met with him while he was married, with his wife suspecting an affair. Things got messier when Jung Joon-il’s side hinted Jung Eun-chae knew about his marriage. Jung Eun-chae’s agency fought back, clarifying the meeting happened years ago and she was unknowingly involved. They emphasized it was a situation resolved over a decade back.

Jung Eun-chae’s Acting Career and Kim Chung-jae’s Background

Jung Eun-chae made her debut in the 2010 film “Haunters” and has since established herself as a versatile actress. Jung’s breakthrough came in 2013 with the critically acclaimed film “Nobody’s Daughter Haewon,” directed by auteur Hong Sang-soo.

Kim Chung-jae first entered the public eye in 2017 on the MBC variety show “I Live Alone” as a friend of webtoon artist and TV personality Gian84. His warm appearance and calm demeanor won him fans, leading to appearances on various shows like “Omniscient Interfering View” and “SBS Young Talent Excavation Group.” He has also dabbled in commercials and music videos, but his primary focus remains product design.

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