June 14, 2024
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Former TEEN TOP Member C.A.P Speaks Out About Sexual Harassment

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Former TEEN TOP member C.A.P recently shared his thoughts on the reality of being a male idol. He talked about how male idols are often sexually harassed by fans, and how this can be a very difficult and upsetting experience.

C.A.P said that he has personally experienced sexual harassment from fans, and that it made him feel very uncomfortable and violated.

He recently held a livestream where he discussed the realities of being an idol. The livestream was recorded and uploaded to his YouTube channel under the title “Since When Did Idol Become a Quasi-Love Job?”

He also conveyed their thoughts on corporate brainwashing idols experience. He said that he is often told that he cannot date, smoke or drink because the idol has invested a lot of money in the company and he does not want to see the investment wasted. This can be very difficult for idols.

He added that after trainee days, idols experience emotional labor. He said, “The people you never imagined would curse at you and throw rocks at you are the same people who write malicious comments, but they think it’s advice. They try to teach you. That’s how you get sick from the inside.” He pointed out that the advice that these self-proclaimed fans give is often not actually advice.

C.A.P also remarked that being an idol is like a quasi-love job, as idols are now expected to sell fantasies to their fans. He said, “Idols became idols to sing and dance, not to sell fantasies. Why did it become like a quasi-love job?”

C.A.P went on to share that he had experienced sexual harassment from fans during fan-meeting events. He explained, “They would say they loved him and ask to hold his hand or link arms. But they would also sexually harass him. He said, ‘Male idols get sexually harassed too. It’s not just a female problem.

He said, “They would touch me inappropriately and some would even expose themselves to me. It was very unsettling and felt very violating of me. I started to doubt if this was the right career for me. It’s not just the sexual harassment that was difficult to deal with. I was also constantly being cursed at online and even stoned by fans. It was a very stressful and isolating experience.”

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