April 16, 2024
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Why Did Kim Sae-ron Regret Uploading a Photo with Kim Soo-hyun?

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Why Did Kim Sae ron Regret Uploading a Photo with Kim Soo hyun

Actress Kim Sae-ron reportedly uploaded a photo with actor Kim Soo-hyun on her Instagram account, only to delete it shortly afterwards. The impulsive move has sparked speculation and drawn criticism.

According to a video uploaded on March 26th by YouTuber Lee Jin-ho, an acquaintance of Kim Sae-ron shed light on the situation. The acquaintance claims that Kim Sae-ron’s decision to upload the photo stemmed from a combination of impulsiveness and emotional instability. Lee Jin-ho further revealed that after the photo ignited rumors of a romantic relationship with Kim Soo-hyun, Kim Sae-ron expressed deep regret to her acquaintances for her mistake. She reportedly acknowledged the impulsive nature of her actions and conveyed her remorse.

The video also highlights the curious timing of the post. Lee Jin-ho points out that the photo upload coincided with the recent airing of a kiss scene between Kim Soo-hyun and actress Kim Ji-won in their drama “The Queen of Tears.” This has led Lee Jin-ho to speculate that Kim Sae-ron might be currently reflecting on her recent choices. He draws a contrast between her situation and Kim Soo-hyun’s current success in his new drama, suggesting that Kim Sae-ron’s motivation for sharing the photo might have been a simple desire to connect with her acquaintances.

Lee Jin-ho goes a step further, claiming that according to Kim Sae-ron’s acquaintances, the impulsive upload might have been driven by a sense of nostalgia, a way for Kim Sae-ron to reminisce about her past successes.

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