April 16, 2024
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(G)I-DLE Shuhua’s Health Update: Filming in Taiwan, Scheduled for MLB Performance

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GI DLE Shuhuas Health Update Filming in Taiwan Scheduled for MLB Performance

(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua has been reported to have participated in the filming of a Taiwanese travel variety show despite her ongoing health hiatus, and she was previously spotted traveling in New Zealand with Taiwanese actress Chen Bo-lin.

According to TenAsia reports, Shuhua recently took part in the filming of the travel variety program “Departure Day“.

Shuhua’s Health Status

A source familiar with Chinese broadcasting said, “Shuhua is participating in a pre-arranged variety show schedule. While her health has not fully recovered, it was decided that it would be better for her health recovery to refresh herself while traveling without overdoing it.”

On February 8, Shuhua announced her hiatus from activities, stating, “I recently visited the hospital due to continuous dizziness symptoms caused by poor体調. I received a medical opinion that I need sufficient rest and stability. In order to focus on my health recovery, I have decided to suspend all activities for the time being.”

Shuhua’s Participation in the Opening Ceremony of the MLB World Tour Seoul Series

Despite her hiatus, Shuhua is scheduled to perform at the opening ceremony of the MLB World Tour Seoul Series. This has led to speculation about her potential return to activities. However, a Cube Entertainment representative clarified, “The MLB opening ceremony is a long-planned event that Shuhua was able to prepare for sufficiently. However, this is not a process of returning to activities. We still need to monitor Shuhua’s health.”

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