June 22, 2024
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Fictional Band Eclipse From “Lovely Runner” Makes Billboard Debut

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Fictional Band Eclipse From Lovely Runner Makes Billboard Debut

Billboard Global 200 Chart Welcomes “Lovely Runner” OST

The band Eclipse from the tvN Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Lovely Runner’ has made its Billboard debut. On the Billboard Global 200 chart released on the 4th, the song ‘Sudden Shower‘ under the name Eclipse ranked 199th, entering the chart.

The Billboard Global 200 chart ranks songs based on streaming and digital sales without including broadcast scores.

Billboard Global 200 Chart Welcomes Lovely Runner OST
Image Courtesy: Billboard

Eclipse’s Success a Testament to Drama’s Popularity

Amidst the songs ‘How Sweet‘ and ‘Bubble Gum‘ by NewJeans ranking 15th and 30th respectively, ‘Supernova’ and ‘Armageddon’ by aespa ranking 17th and 55th respectively, ‘Magnetic’ by ILLIT ranking 21st, and ‘Lost!’ by BTS’s RM ranking 68th, the fact that a song from a fictional band like Eclipse has entered the chart is a testament to the immense popularity of the drama.

Fans Crave More From Eclipse

In particular, Eclipse has never appeared on a music broadcast except for the one that appeared in the drama, and even a week after the drama ended, many fans are still hoping for at least one more performance. Byun Woo-seok, Lee Seung-hyeop, Moon Si-eon, and Yang Hyuk portray the members of Eclipse in the drama. Due to this popularity, there were reports that Eclipse would be appearing at KCON, a K-culture festival hosted by CJ ENM, but CJ ENM announced that “the reports are not true,” causing disappointment.

Hope Remains for Eclipse’s Future Activities

However, as the popularity of the drama continues, and the OST for ‘Lovely Runner’ is being released as of the 5th, interest in Eclipse’s music broadcast activities is expected to grow even further.

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