June 22, 2024
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NCT’s Johnny and Hae Chan: SM Entertainment Denies Malicious Rumors Online

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SM Entertainment Takes Legal Action Against Rumors About NCTs Johnny and Haechan

SM Denies Rumors of Prostitution and Drug Use

SM Entertainment said on the 4th, “Rumors with unspeakable and provocative content, alleging Johnny and Hae Chan’s involvement in prostitution and drugs, are being spread and reproduced indiscriminately online. After investigating the rumors, we have confirmed that this is not true at all.”
Recently, shocking rumors that NCT’s Johnny and Hae Chan engaged in prostitution in Japan spread widely on social media, sparking concern among fans.

SM Announces Strong Response to Malicious Rumors

SM said, “This is a criminal act that seriously damages the artist’s reputation,” and added, “In addition, in this regard, the creation of untrue rumors and malicious slander continues toward NCT and its artists, including Kim Hee-chul.”

He then announced his strong response policy, saying, “We have already collected sufficient data on a number of posts related to the content in question, and we will not sit idly by on these criminal acts and will ensure that the relevant actors are punished legally without leniency or agreement, regardless of nationality.”

SM Entertainment’s Official Statement

Hello, this is SM Entertainment.

Currently, there is rampant dissemination and reproduction of rumors containing highly sensational and false content regarding NCT’s Johnny and Hae Chan online. These rumors include allegations of involvement in activities such as prostitution and drug use, which are entirely baseless and damaging to the reputation of our artists.

Furthermore, there has been a continuous influx of malicious rumors targeting not only NCT but also other artists under our agency, such as Kim Heechul.

We have already collected substantial evidence regarding numerous posts containing such false information, and we are committed to taking legal action against those responsible for these criminal acts, regardless of their nationality, without leniency or agreement.

We urge everyone to be aware that any malicious postings made at this moment are subject to legal consequences.

Thank you.

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