May 19, 2024
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NewJeans’ Minji Goes Viral for “Min Hee-jin Look” in “How Sweet” Teasers

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NewJeans Minji Goes Viral for Min Hee jin Look in How Sweet Teasers

NewJeans Releases Promotional Photos for New Double Single “How Sweet” Amidst Agency and Label Conflicts

NewJeans Shares New Look for Upcoming Release

Amidst ongoing conflicts between their agency ADOR and label HYBE, NewJeans took to their official social media accounts today (April 26) to share promotional photos for their new double single “How Sweet.”

NewJeans Shares New Look for Upcoming Release How Sweet
NewJeans; new double single “How Sweet.” Image Courtesy: Instagram

Minji Channels Min Hee-jin in Promotional Photos

In the photos, Minji is seen sporting a green striped rugby t-shirt and a baseball cap, reminiscent of the outfit worn by Min Hee-jin, the CEO of NewJeans’ agency, during a press conference yesterday and a radio appearance today. This has led to netizens speculating that Min Hee-jin, despite being in a predicament due to the conflict with HYBE, is still putting in the effort to promote NewJeans’ new album.

Min Hee-jin’s signature style, often referred to as the “Min Hee-jin look,” has gained immense popularity, with many items selling out at various shopping malls.

New Album Details Revealed

The new album will feature a total of four tracks, including the title track “How Sweet” and “Bubble Gum,” and is scheduled for release on May 24. Following the release of their new album, NewJeans will also be releasing a new double single in Japan in June.

NewJeans: A Record-Breaking Group

Since their debut in July 2022, NewJeans has achieved numerous hits, including their debut singles “Hype Boy” and “Attention,” as well as “ETA.” They are the K-pop artist with the shortest debut period to reach No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

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