May 19, 2024
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Kwon Yuri & Han Seung Yeon Surprise Fans with Cameos in “Lovely Runner” Premiere!

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Reply 1998 Reunion Yuri and Han Seung Yeon Cameo in Lovely Runner
Korean Drama – Lovely Runner; Image Courtesy: tvN

Kwon Yuri and Han Seung Yeon surprised viewers with delightful cameo appearances in the tvN drama “Lovely Runner,” premiering on April 8th.

The first episode brought a scenes featuring Yuri (played by Kwon Yuri) and Han Seung-yeon (‘Eclipse’ radio DJ) were broadcast aired.

In the episode, Baek In Hyuk (Lee Seung Hyub) spots Yuri at the broadcasting station and approaches her, saying, “Ms. Yuri, I’m a huge fan! Could I possibly ask you a favor?”

Yuri’s manager politely intervened, suggesting it wasn’t the ideal place. Yuri, however, with true fan appreciation, brushed it off, saying, “No worries, he’s a fan. What kind of favor did you have in mind?” Baek Inhyuk then excitedly requested an autograph, even offering his back for the signature.

The episode also featured another treat for fans. Baek In Hyuk and Ryu Seon Jae’s (Byeon Woo Seok) agency, Eclipse, made a guest appearance on a radio program hosted by none other than Han Seung Yeon.  She introduced herself with a touch of humor, saying, “I’m Han Seung Yeon, your host for ‘Ten Ten Friend.'”

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