April 16, 2024
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HYBE’s Girl Group ILLIT Makes Magnetic Debut with “Super Real Me”

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HYBEs Girl Group ILLIT Makes Magnetic Debut with Super Real Me

HYBE‘s third girl group, ILLIT, burst onto the scene on March 25th with the release of their first mini-album “Super Real Me.” The group, formed through the JTBC survival show “R U Next?” last year, consists of five talented members: Yunah, Minju, Mocha, Wonhee, and Iroha.

Determined to Achieve: The Meaning Behind ILLIT

The group’s name ILLIT is a powerful combination of “I Will” and “It,” symbolizing their unwavering determination to achieve their dreams. Yunah explains, “The name allows us to be anything we want to be, depending on the ‘verb’ that goes between the two words. It reflects the expectations of who we can become.”

Magnetic: Capturing Teenage Crush

The album’s title track, “Magnetic,” is a vibrant and cheerful song that captures the innocent feelings of a teenage girl with a crush. “‘Magnetic’ expresses the honest and confident feelings of a teenager who is boldly pursuing their love interest,” says Wonhee. The song boasts an impressive production team, with HYBE chairman Bang Si-hyuk collaborating with teenage producers to ensure the music authentically reflects the emotions of young people.

Ready to Take on the Stage

At their debut showcase, ILLIT showcased their talents with electrifying performances of “Magnetic” and “My World.” Dubbed as “HYBE’s youngest daughter” even before their debut, the group has already garnered significant attention. Minju expresses her gratitude, “We have incredible seniors in the company who inspire us and have worked tirelessly to support our debut. We will work just as hard and strive to meet all the expectations.”

Setting the Stage for the Future

ILLIT’s aspirations for the year are clear: they aim to win first place on a music show with “Magnetic” and secure a coveted rookie award. “A rookie award holds special meaning because you can only receive it once,” says Mocha. Iroha adds, “We will dedicate ourselves completely to becoming the defining group of the 5th generation of idols – ILLIT!”

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