July 19, 2024
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The Immortal Ascension (2024) Cast, Plot & Premiere Info

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“The Immortal Ascension” released a white-clothed poster of Han Li, played by one of the lead actors, Yang Yang. In the poster, Yang Yang is dressed in white with his hair tied up, looking elegant and immortal!

The official said: “Holding the Palm Heaven Bottle, sit quietly and observe the mind to enlighten. Break through the barriers and sweep away the floating clouds, the sky is full of clear sounds. Han Li (Yang Yang) comes from the mountains, please look forward to it.” The drama series “The Immortal Ascension” is currently scheduled to be exclusively broadcast on Youku, and the release date has not been announced.

“The Immortal Ascension” is directed by Yang Yang and starred by Yang Yang, Gina Jin, Wang Duo, Zhao Xiao Tang, Zhao Qing, and Jin Jia Yue, with special appearances by Liu Yan, Li Nai Wen, Su Yu Jie, Jia Bing, Ying Er, and friendly appearances by Xu Hai Qiao, Zhang Yao, Zhao Xiao Tang, Paul Che, Zong Feng Yan, Wang Tong Hui, Yin Zhu Sheng, Liu Ya Jin and others. The drama is adapted from the novel “A Record of a Mortal” by Wang Yu, serialized on Qidian Chinese website, and tells the story of a mediocre young man from a poor mountain village who relies on his own efforts and reasonable calculations to finally cultivate into immortality.

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