July 19, 2024
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Seo Yoo Ri and Choi Byung Gil’s divorce: He said she was a ‘victim cosplay’, she said she was ‘righteous’

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Seo Yu ri and Choi Byung gils divorce He said she was a victim cosplay she said she was righte

Seo Yoo Ri and Choi Byung Gil, who married in 2019, finalized their divorce in March of this year. However, it seems the couple’s troubles are far from over, with both parties recently taking to social media to express their frustrations.

Seo Yoo Ri Questions Her Role in the Divorce

On the 13th, Seo Yoo Ri hinted at her current emotional state with a social media post stating, “Why do I have to endure? What did I do wrong?” Many speculate these feelings are related to the ongoing conflict surrounding the couple’s divorce.

Choi Byung Gil Indirectly Addresses the Divorce

PD Choi Byung Gil also seemingly alluded to the divorce during a recent press conference for the movie “Tarot.” He expressed a philosophical thought, saying, “It seems that we always feel in our lives that we have the will to live our lives, but great destinies come and it cannot be solved by our will alone.”

A Look Back at the Short-Lived Marriage

Seo Yoo Ri and Choi Byung Gil tied the knot in 2019. However, their marital bliss was short-lived, as they decided to part ways just three years later. Seo Yoo Ri, through a personal broadcast, explained, “I did my best, but I chose adjustment because I couldn’t narrow the gap.”

She elaborated on the rushed nature of their relationship on the show “Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic,” admitting, “I made a decision too hastily. I got married quickly after 4 months of dating. I thought ‘something was wrong’ in less than a year.”

Accusations Fly as Both Sides Defend Themselves

The seemingly amicable split appears to have turned sour, with both Seo Yoo Ri and Choi Byung Gil making accusations against each other.

Choi Byung Gil took to social media to express his frustrations, stating, “If you just want to refer to it, you keep blocking my way forward. I don’t want to start a fight, but I’m going to try to defend myself at least because my situation is not very good.” He continued with a specific accusation, claiming, “I ended up selling my house because I had to take out a loan to pay off the deposit for my own house, and I even threatened me that I wouldn’t move out unless I gave him almost all the money I sold my house for, so I’m a victim cosplay.”

Seo Yoo Ri vehemently denied these claims, responding with her own social media post. “Do I have an apartment left? The apartment, which was a 200 million won loan before marriage, became an 1100 million won loan after marriage. Is that what’s left? How long have I put it up for sale? The monthly interest alone is 600. What are you going to do with the loan you took out in my name? I’m innocent. I didn’t do anything to be called a victim cosplay by someone.”

“Legal Single” But Far From Over

The couple finalized their divorce mediation on the 3rd. Seo Yoo Ri expressed a sense of relief, stating, “I’m a legal single.” However, with her recent social media post, it seems the emotional toll of the divorce lingers.

This public airing of grievances suggests that Seo Yoo Ri and Choi Byung Gil’s marital issues are far from resolved.

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