May 19, 2024

Fireworks of My Heart Drama Review, Cast & Summary (2023)

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Details of the Fireworks of My Heart 

“Fireworks in My Heart” is a Chinese drama starring Wang Chu Ran and Yang Yang, directed by Li Mu Ge and written by Xu Su. It is an action-romance about two childhood lovers who meet again after 10 years due to their professions. Fire chief Song Yang and emergency doctor Xu Qin were separated at an early age due to family opposition. Now they must work together to save lives and overcome obstacles in their way to come together.

Fireworks of My Heart
  • Drama Title: Fireworks of My Heart / 我的人间烟火
  • Also Known As (AKA): My Fireworks on Earth ,Waiting for You in a City ,Wo De Ren Jian Yan Hou , 一座城,在等你 , 我的人間煙火, Yi Zuo Cheng, Zai Deng Ni
  • Main Cast: Yang Yang as Song Yan, Wang Chu Ran as Xu Qin / Meng Qin
  • Country: China
  • Genres: Action, Romance, Medical
  • Director: Li Mu Ge
  • Screenwriter: Xu Su
  • Number of Episodes: 40
  • Release date: Jul 5, 2023
  • Finale episode date: Jul 27, 2023
  • Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Network: Hunan TV, Mango TV

This drama is based on the novel Waiting for You in the City by Jiu Yue Xi. This novel was published in 2018 and became a popular read online.
The drama stars Yang Yang and Wang Churan as the main leads. Yang Yang is a popular Chinese actor who has starred in many successful dramas such as The King’s Avatar and You Are My Glory. Wang Churan is a rising star who has appeared in such dramas as The Longest Promise and Have a Crush on You.

Vin Zhang as Suo Jun, Song Yan’s colleague, Suo Jun is a skilled firefighter who is also a loyal friend. He was always by Song Yan’s side. Both in work and personal matters.

Wei Da Xun as Meng Yanchen, Xu Qin’s childhood friend Meng Yanchen is a talented doctor and a playful young man. He likes Xu Qin, but she only sees him as a friend.

Yang Chao Yue as Zhai Miao, Song Yan’s granddaughter. Zhai Miao is a lively and energetic girl who is always looking for fun. She is a big fan of her uncle Song Yan and wants to be a firefighter like him.

The drama was filmed in many locations in China, including Ningbo, Shanghai and Hangzhou. The beautiful scenery of China was fully displayed in the drama.

The drama is directed by Li Muge and written by Xu Su. Li Muge is a popular Chinese director who has directed many successful dramas such as Rattan and Heroes.

Fireworks of My Heart is currently available to watch on Mango TV and Viki.

Fireworks of My Heart Trailer

Plot summary of the Fireworks of My Heart

Song Yan and Xu Qin are childhood sweethearts who have been separated by family conflicts for ten years. Song Yan is the fire chief of a fire station, while Xu Qin is an emergency doctor in a hospital. They met again when the two were called to the scene of the fire.

Despite being awkward at first, Song Yan and Xu Qin quickly realized that they still had feelings for each other. Song Yan was afraid to hurt Shu Qin again. Meanwhile, Shu Qin was afraid of being rejected by Song Yan’s family.

As they work together to save the life, Song Yan and Xu Qin slowly begin to heal their past wounds. They also learn to trust each other again. However, their relationship is put to the test when Song Yan’s family learns that he is dating Xu Qin.

Song Yan’s family strongly disapproved of their relationship. They believed that Xu Qin was not good enough for Song Yan and that she would only cause him pain. They tried to part ways with Song Yan and Xu Qin, but both were determined to stay together.

Song Yan and Xu Qin faced many challenges in their relationship. But in the end they were overcome. They realize that they were made for each other and can overcome anything as long as they have each other.

Why you should watch Fireworks of My Heart

A heartwarming story about love, loss and redemption, the story revolves around Song Yan and Xu Qin, childhood lovers who reunite after ten years. The couple fell deeply in love with each other. But face many challenges in relationships. Including the disapproval of Song Yan’s family. This drama is a reminder that love can be powerful and can help people overcome their toughest challenges.

It has strong and relatable characters. Song Yan and Xu Qin are complex and well-developed characters. they have flaws But they are also brave and determined. The supporting characters are well written and add depth to the story.

It’s spectacularly beautiful. The drama is set in a beautiful city and the cinematography is amazing. The costumes and props are well designed.

The drama has an catchy soundtrack. The background music perfectly complements the drama and adds to the overall experience.

Fireworks of My Heart (OST)

Review: Fireworks of My Heart

The chemistry between lead actors Yang Yang and Wang Churan, they have great on-screen chemistry and their acting is very convincing. The drama focuses on teamwork and sacrifice. The firefighters in the drama are dedicated to their jobs and they are willing to risk their lives to save others, squeezes emotions sometimes. The characters go through a lot of hardships and it can be hard to watch them suffer. However, I think this is what makes the drama so impactful. It shows the true power of love and the importance of never giving up on your dreams. even in the face of adversity.

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