February 24, 2024
TV Series Korean Drama

A Time Called You: A New K-drama Time Travel Romance to Watch in September

Ahn Hyo Seop and Jeon Yeo Bin star in the new Netflix series A Time Called You, a mysterious time travel romance that.

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TV Series Chinese Drama

Chinese Paladin Season 6 (2023 Web Series)

Chinese Paladin Season 6 is an upcoming Chinese fantasy drama series directed by Liu Guo Nan and starring Xu Kai (Yue Jin Zhao).

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News C-drama TV Series

Noble Aspirations Season 3 Latest Updates

Noble Aspirations Season 3 is a Chinese xianxia television series is based on Xiao Ding’s novel Zhu Xian. It is a sequel to.

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TV Series Chinese Drama Review

Exclusive Fairytale (2023) Review & Summary

Exclusive Fairytale (2023) is a Chinese high school romance drama starring SEVENTEEN’s Jun and Zhang Miaoyi. The drama tells the story of Ling.

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