July 19, 2024
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Moonlight Mystique (2024) Cast, Plot & Premiere Info

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Moonlight Mystique is an upcoming Chinese drama based on the novel Bai Shuo Shang Shen by Xing Ling. The drama is set in a world of gods, demons, and humans, and follows the story of Bai Shuo (Bai Lu), a human woman who saves the life of the demon god Fan Yue (Ao Rui Peng). Together, they embark on a journey to find a way to break Fan Yue’s curse and restore him to his true form.

Plot Synopsis

The drama tells the story of Bai Shuo (Bai Lu), the youngest daughter of a general’s Mansion, who aspires to cultivate immortality in order to repay a debt. Along the way, she accidentally rescues Fan Yue (Ao Rui Peng), the god of the demon race. The two, who initially do not get along, form a cultivation contract and embark on an adventure together to seek immortality and slay demons. From using each other to developing feelings for each other, they eventually fall in love.

Meet the cast of “Moonlight Mystique”

  • Bai Shuo (Bai Lu): Bai Shuo (Bai Lu): A lively and cheerful young woman, Bai Shuo is the eldest daughter of the general’s Mansion. She loves adventure and exploration and is full of yearning for immortality. One day, she accidentally rescues an injured little fox and takes it in as a pet. To her surprise, the little fox turns out to be a split body of Fan Yue, the god of the demon race!
  • Fan Yue (Ao Rui Peng): Fan Yue (Ao Rui Peng): The lord of the demon world, Fan Yue possesses supreme power and Majesty. However, due to a conspiracy, he is trapped in the human world and can only transform into a fox. In order to find his true self and memories, he decides to use Bai Shuo’s identity and power to form a cultivation contract with her.
  • Chong Zhao (Chang Hua Sen): Chong Zhao is Bai Shuo’s childhood friend and fiancé. He is a loyal and protective young man who is in love with Bai Shuo.
  • Fu Ling (Dai Lu Wa): On the way to seek immortality, Zhong Zhao happens to rescue the demon girl Fu Ling. Because her demon mother was killed by the immortals, Fu Ling especially hates the immortals. Judging from the current situation, she seems to have a emotional connection with Zhong Zhao.
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