June 14, 2024

Chinese Paladin Season 6 (2023 Web Series)

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Chinese Paladin Season 6 is an upcoming Chinese fantasy drama series directed by Liu Guo Nan and starring Xu Kai (Yue Jin Zhao) and Yu Shu Xin (Yue Qi). It is the sixth installment in the Chinese Paladin franchise, and is based on the Chinese RPG game of the same name.

Chinese Paladin Season 6
  • Drama Title: Chinese Paladin Season 6 (仙剑六祈今朝)
  • Also Known As (AKA): Pray for the Present, The Legend of Sword and Fairy 6, Qi Zin Zhao, Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan 6: Qi Jin Zhao, Sword and Fairy, Sword and Fairy 6, Chinese Paladin 6, 祈今朝, 仙剑6, 仙剑奇侠传六: 祈今朝, 仙剑奇侠传六
  • Main Cast: Yu Shu Xin as Yue Qi, Xu Kai as Yue Jin Zhao
  • Country: China
  • Genres: Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy
  • Director: Liu Guo Nan
  • Number of Episodes: 36
  • Release date: Nov 30, 2023
  • Aired On: TBA
  • Network: Tencent Video
  • Running time: 45 min.

Plot Summary

Yue Jin Zhao and Yue Qi are two amnesiac youths on a journey to discover their identities and pasts. They lost all their money to members of the Risen Soul Cult, a powerful organization responsible for many problems in the land. They teamed up with Luo Zhao Yan, the leader of the “Evanescent” Luo family, who spearheaded an attempt to destroy the sect and expose her region’s crimes. They also teamed up with members of the True Martial Alliance: Ju Shi Fang, Ming Xin and her uncle Xian Qing. All the while defeating their personal demons and finding out about a mysterious organization operating in the shadows.

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