July 19, 2024
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Janie Tienphosuwan Divorced? Social Media Reveals Shocking Truth About 6-Year Marriage

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Janie Tienphosuwan Divorced

Famous Page Reveals: Who is the A-List Actress Who Divorced Her Husband After Almost a Year of Keeping It a Secret?

Rumors have been swirling in the entertainment world after a famous page on social media posted a status saying that an A-List actress had registered for divorce from her husband, ending their 6-year marriage.

The page also commented that “even though they have broken up, the couple are still good parents to their child. We wish them the best.” This prompted netizens to express their opinions and speculate about the various possibilities.

The news sparked speculation after another social media account hinted at a high-profile divorce, with netizens offering theories about the identity of the couple. Finally, the page “อีกี้ขยี้ข่าว แม่ทุกสถานบันเทิง” confirmed fans’ suspicions, revealing Janie as the actress in question.

Finally, another famous page, “อีกี้ขยี้ข่าว แม่ทุกสถานบันเทิง,” has revealed that the A-List actress in question is Janie Tienphosuwan. The page wrote the following message:

“So, this actress has been married for 6 years, but it has only just been revealed that she is divorced! There were rumors throughout 2023, but she refused to admit it. There were rumors of a broken marriage and unfollowing her mother-in-law (which led people to link it to Baifern), but in reality, the actress with the initials ‘Jenny Thienphosuwan’ has already been revealed on the old page. Follow that! Being a good father and mother to their child is normal. #กี้อยู่ข้างพี่เจนนะคะ #อีนกกี้”

The page also commented that “we were 100% right in our reveal. This case has been going on for almost a year before she finally admitted it. People were saying at the time, ‘Is that right?'”

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