June 14, 2024
Korean Drama

Mask Girl: The Webtoon-to-Drama Adaptation That Everyone’s Talking About

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The Netflix original series ‘Masked Girl’, which premiered on August 18th, caught the attention of viewers and netizens with its interesting development and suspenseful storyline.

Mask Girl: A thriller drama about an ordinary company woman who becomes a masked streamer at night and gets caught up in an incident during her broadcast.

The casting for Mask Girl was really spot-on. The actress looks just like the webtoon character, it’s uncanny.

The actress who plays the lead role in Mask Girl, Kim So-hyun, does indeed look very much like the webtoon character. She has the same big eyes, small nose, and heart-shaped face. She also has the same kind of innocent and sweet expression.

Rookie actress Lee Han Byul was cast as Kim Mo Mi, an ordinary office worker who moonlights as a masked streamer.

Rookie actress Lee Han Byul was cast as Kim Mo Mi

Nana was cast to play the younger version of Kim Mo Mi, and Go Hyun Jung was cast to play the older version. Both actresses are known for their beauty and talent.

Nana was cast to play the younger version of Kim Mo Mi

The younger Kim Mo Mi was a kind and innocent girl who was forced to commit murder in self-defense. She then underwent plastic surgery to change her appearance and escape the law. The older Kim Mo Mi is a hardened criminal who has spent 16 years in prison.

Ahn Jae Hong plays the role of Joo Oh Nam. He is a co-worker of Kim Mo Mi (Go Hyun Jung) at a cosmetics company. He is also a fan of BJ Mask Girl.

Ahn Jae Hong plays the role of Joo Oh Nam

One day, Joo Oh Nam accidentally finds out that BJ Mask Girl is actually Kim Mo Mi. He is shocked and confused, but he also promises to keep her secret.

Yeom Hye Ran is cast as Kim Kyung Ja, a mother who is determined to bring her daughter’s bully to justice. Even after Kim Mo Mi has undergone plastic surgery.

Yeom Hye Ran is cast as Kim Kyung Ja

Choi Daniel plays role of Park Ki-woong, a manager in his 40s at the cosmetics company where Kim Mo-mi (Koh Hyun-jung) works. He is good looks, skills, and wealth, but he also has a dark side. He has had inappropriate relationships with female employees at the company and uses his power to manipulate and exploit them.

Choi Daniel plays role of Park Ki woong

Lee Ah Reum (Junghwa) is a beautiful woman who is the envy of Kim Mo Mi. She is also the mistress of Park Ki Woong.

Lee Ah Reum Junghwa
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