April 16, 2024
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Martial Arts Drama ‘Secrets of the Shadow Sect’ is Ready to Watch

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“The new martial arts short drama, ‘Secrets of the Shadow Sect,’ also know as “Jiao Yue Liu Huo” produced by Perfect World Pictures, written by Qian Yu Zhi Cheng premieres today, March 12th, at 10:00 PM exclusively on Youku.”

Story and Characters

The drama revolves around the Lingtian Palace, a powerful yet secretive entity in the martial arts world. Ten years ago, the young Palace Master, Lingxuan (Hu Yi Yao), encountered a pair of siblings in danger. She rescued the sister and made a pact with the brother, taking him to the Lingtian Palace’s Shadow Pavilion for training. After a decade of harsh training and near-death experiences, the young man emerges as Shadow Ten (Lin Ze Hui).

Meanwhile, the Lingtian Palace faces turmoil. The old Palace Master, seeking the powerful Wanxin Jue technique from Lingxuan’s mother, throws the martial arts world into chaos and even betrays his own daughter. To protect herself and bide her time for a counterattack, Lingxuan adopts a cunning and ruthless persona.

Enter Ying Shi, tasked with finding the Wanxin Jue from Lingtian Palace. Their initial distrust evolves into a bond of mutual reliance as they navigate danger together. However, just as their feelings deepen, Lingxuan uncovers a shocking secret about Ying Shi’s past.


  • The drama features a unique dynamic between the beautiful and domineering Lingxuan and the loyal and innocent Ying Shi. Their journey from initial suspicion to unwavering trust offers a refreshing perspective on martial arts relationships.
  • The underlying sexual tension between the protagonists adds another layer to the story. Their passionate connection, hinted at through subtle gestures and camerawork, promises an unconventional and captivating love story.
  • “Secrets of the Shadow Sect” boasts stunning visuals, evident in the elaborate costumes, captivating scenery, and the actors’ captivating presence.

Broadcast Details:

Youku offers premium members exclusive access to two new episodes every weekday (Monday to Friday). On weekends, they’ll still get one new episode per day. Regular viewers can watch one episode daily, with the first two available immediately upon launch.

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