April 16, 2024
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Hwang Jung Eum’s “Bad Eye for Men” Lands Her on SNL Korea

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Hwang Jung Eums Bad Eye for Men Lands Her on SNL Korea
Photo Credit: The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection | SBS

Hwang Jung Eum, who is currently in the midst of a divorce lawsuit, appeared as a host on “SNL Korea” and talked about her “bad eye for men.”

“I’m nervous but excited,” Hwang Jung Eum said in the episode that aired on March 30th. “I’m going to show you everything I’ve got.”

The episode drew extra attention due to Hwang Jung Eum’s ongoing divorce. Co-host Shin Dong-yup acknowledged the situation, saying, “People are curious. They asked me about it too, and I told them to ask you directly.

Hwang Jung-eum responded with a smile, welcoming questions. When Kim Ah-young asked about an Instagram photo, however, Hwang Jung-eum’s demeanor turned serious.

Kim Ah-young, noticing the shift, changed the topic to the photo’s filter. Hwang Jung Eum jokingly replied, “I can’t remember the app’s name. I’ll let you know if I recall it.

Shin Dong-yup complimented Hwang Jung Eum’s ability to pick successful projects. “I think I have a good eye for projects,” Hwang Jung-eum admitted, “but I don’t have a good eye for picking men.”

“Seriously,” she added, “I wish I had a better eye for picking men instead of projects.” Referencing her current drama, “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection,” Hwang Jung Eum said, “It’s about escaping and starting over. I’m going to escape and come back to life too.”

Hwang Jung Eum confidently declared, “I’m ready for the divorce,” before the main skit.

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