May 19, 2024
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TWICE’s Chaeyoung and Singer Zion.T: Dating Rumors Swirl

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TWICEs Chaeyoung and Singer Zion.T Dating Rumors Swirl
TWICE member Chaeyoung and singer Zion.T

K-Pop fans are abuzz with speculation after reports surfaced online suggesting TWICE member Chaeyoung and singer Zion.T are dating. The rumors, which began circulating on the 5th, have yet to be confirmed by either artist’s agency.

JYP and The Black Label Tight-Lipped

JYP Entertainment, Chaeyoung’s agency, and The Black Label, Zion’s agency, have both adopted a cautious approach, stating they are “looking into the matter.” This measured response has only fueled the flames of fan curiosity.

TWICE’s Chaeyoung and singer Zion.T Spark Romance Rumors

An article published on internet site SWAY alleges that the Chaeyoung and singer Zion has been dating for half a year. The report claims their connection began through a mutual friend of Chaeyoung’s. According to SWAY (Korean media outlet), Chaeyoung and Zion prefer the tranquility of quiet alleyways in Hannam-dong and Yeonhui-dong for their dates, opting for a more low-key atmosphere compared to bustling hotspots.

SWAY further adds that Zion might be Chaeyoung’s ideal type. The article cites Chaeyoung’s preference for men with a slender build and artistic sensibilities. It suggests that Zion’s free spirit and musician persona may have captured her heart.

Chaeyoung: TWICE’s Rising Star

Born in 1999, Chaeyoung, currently 24 years old, debuted with TWICE in October 2015. The group has taken the world by storm with chart-topping hits like “Cheer Up,” “TT,” and “Signal.” Chaeyoung recently wrapped up promotions for her 13th mini-album, “With You-th,” which dropped in February.

Zion: A Renowned Musician

Zion.T, born in 1989 and currently 34 years old, debuted in the music scene in April 2011 with his single album “Click Me.” Since then, he has established himself as a force to be reckoned with, churning out hits like “Yanghwa BRDG,” “Eat” and “The Song.”

Update: Twice’s Chaeyoung (25) and singer Zion.T (35) have confirmed that they are dating.

JYP Entertainment, Chaeyoung’s agency, and The Black Label, Zion‘s agency, said on the 5th, “The two are dating with good feelings for each other”

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