July 19, 2024
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Han So-hee’s Image Dives in Korea But Soars Globally

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Han So hees Image Dives in Korea But Soars Globally

Han So-hee‘s public image took a hit after her relationship with Ryu Jun-yeol was exposed, and she lost two local Korean advertising endorsements in a row. However, her industry reputation seems to have not been affected.

Global Appeal: SHARK Signs Han So-hee

She recently signed a global endorsement deal with a well-known British and American home appliance brand, and has also received multiple advertising offers.

According to Korean media, Han So-hee has signed a global endorsement contract with British and American home appliance brand SHARK for beauty appliances. The brand hopes to use Han So-hee to expand its Asian and global markets. Han So-hee’s agency also confirmed the news, and revealed that there are many other advertising offers under discussion, suggesting that she still has a strong influence in the advertising industry.

Han So-hee‘s Pre-Debut Success and Rising Star

Han So-hee had good advertising luck before she debuted as an actress. With her outstanding beauty and unique and cool temperament, she has shot advertisements for many brands such as J.ESTINA, Banila Co., and MUSINSA. The advertisement she shot for the biscuit brand Ritz is the most famous, and it also became a springboard for her to successfully enter the entertainment industry.

In recent years, Han So-hee has worked hard, and her works have continued from “The World of the Married” to “My Name” and “Gyeongseong Creature“. Her status in the advertising industry has also continued to rise. However, after her relationship with Ryu Jun-yeol was exposed in mid-this month, she was first suspected of “transits love“, and then she was accused of disrespecting her seniors by posting a picture of “a puppy holding a knife“. The clarification text also mentioned that “Ryu Jun-yeol and Hyeri broke up at the beginning of last year”, which also caused controversy.

Han So-hee’s Shifting Public Opinion

It is suspected that due to the decline in her image, the “NH Nonghyup Bank”, which she has cooperated with for three years, and the soju brand “Chum Churum“, which has just expired its contract, both said that they will not renew their contracts. However, as more details of the breakup between Ryu Jun-yeol and Hyeri were revealed, public opinion began to turn to accusing Ryu Jun-yeol of mishandling his relationship and lacking responsibility for avoiding the storm.

Fans are cheering for the careers of the two girls: “Congratulations”, “This is always the way it is, she’ll only get more popular after causing a scandal,” “This proves her influence, of course they’ll sign her,” “I knew the dating scandal wouldn’t hurt her,” and “Korea is too small, let’s go out into the world!”

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