July 24, 2024
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Han So-hee Out as Soju Brand Model: Lotte Chilsung Seeks New Face

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Han So hee Out as Soju Brand Model Lotte Chilsung Seeks New Face

Industry Speculates Strategic Move to Avoid Dating Scandal Fallout

Lotte Chilsung Beverage has ended its advertising model contract with actress Han So-hee for its soju brand “Chum Churum.” The company is currently searching for a new face to represent the popular drink. This move by Lotte Chilsung has sparked industry discussions about whether it was a strategic decision to avoid potential fallout from recent dating rumors surrounding Han So-hee.

According to Lotte Chilsung, Han So-hee’s contract expired in early March and was not renewed. The company has not yet announced the next advertising model for “Chum Churum.”

Han So-hee’s Impact and “Chum Churum’s” Model History

Han So-hee had been the face of “Chum Churum” since March 2022. Lotte Chilsung initially selected her due to her active social media presence and engagement with fans. Her association with the brand coincided with a successful year for “Chum Churum,” with soju sales increasing by 18.5% year-on-year to 404.2 billion won. The launch of “Sae Ro” in September 2022 further boosted overall soju sales for Lotte Chilsung.

This marks the first time in eight years that “Chum Churum” has changed its advertising model within a year. Previously, the brand enjoyed a five-year partnership with singer and actress Suzy from 2016 to 2020. Singer Jennie then took over the role in 2021 and 2022. Actresses and singers like Lee Young-ah, Ku Hye-sun, Lee Hyori, HyunA, Jo In-sung, and Shin Min-ah have also graced the “Chum Churum” advertising campaigns throughout the years.

Distributor Sensitivity to Celebrity Controversies

The industry is analyzing Lotte Chilsung’s decision as a potentially strategic move. Distributors are known to be sensitive to controversies surrounding their advertising models. This is because personal life scandals involving celebrities can directly impact product sales. Recent examples include Musinsa and Nepa terminating their contracts with actor Yoo Ah-in after his involvement in an illegal drug use investigation. Similarly, Arari Chicken opted not to renew their contract with soccer player Lee Kang-in following a discord within the Korean national soccer team.

For Lotte Chilsung, which recently faced some embarrassment due to dating rumors involving Karina, a member of the girl group aespa who is the new face of their “Crush” product, the termination of the contract with Han So-hee may have proven to be a wise decision. A distribution industry official commented, “Consumers are very interested in the personal lives of advertising models. However, companies often struggle to openly express discomfort with such situations. This is likely one of the reasons behind the recent trend of shorter advertising model contract periods.”

Han So-hee’s Dating Struggles and Consumer Interest

Recently, Han So-hee confirmed her relationship with actor Ryu Jun-yeol. Her agency, 9Ato Entertainment, released a statement expressing her mental strain due to “indiscriminate speculative posts and malicious comments” focused on her personal life rather than her acting career.

Fans are obsessed with their favorite celebs’ love lives, and soju companies know it! It’s a win-win… until it’s not. That’s why shorter contracts are becoming the new norm, keeping the drama out of soju and the fizz in the bottle.

Did Dating Rumors Cost Han So-hee a Soju Contract?

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