April 16, 2024
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Lee Yoon-jin and actor Lee Beom-soo’s legal battle looms

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Lee Yoon jin and actor Lee Beom soos legal battle looms
Actors Lee Beom-soo and Lee Yoon-jin pose on the red carpet at the 12th Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Charity Event held at Dragon City in Seoul on October 27, 2017. [NEWS1]

Lee Yoon-jin contacted by Lee Beom-soo’s lawyer

Translator and interpreter Lee Yoon-jin revealed that she was contacted by the lawyer of actor Lee Beom-soo, with whom she is in a divorce lawsuit, and hinted at a legal battle.

On the 28th, Lee Yoon-jin posted on her personal social media account, “My outcry has finally reached the other party, and I have been contacted by the other party’s lawyer.”

Lee Yoon-jin: “My posts are based on facts and evidence”

Lee Yoon-jin said, “The other party’s lawyer conveyed the client’s intention that ‘If you publish an article saying that my posts are not true, I will consider it.’ It is a great idea that they came up with in just a week.” She emphasized, “My posts are based on facts and evidence. Therefore, I cannot publish an article that says they are not true.”

Lee Yoon-jin: “I will quietly resolve this in court with evidence”

Lee Yoon-jin added, “I apologize for causing a commotion. I will now quietly resolve this in court with evidence.”

Lee Beom-soo: “I will respond in the lawsuit” to Lee Yoon-jin’s claims

Recently, Lee Beom-soo and Lee Yoon-jin ended their 14-year marriage. Lee Yoon-jin has since posted a series of articles on social media, claiming Lee Beom-soo’s double life, secret hobbies, and verbal abuse by his mother-in-law.

In response, Lee Beom-soo apologized, saying, “I apologize for causing concern to my agency and the public with my personal life.” However, he added, “I will not respond to each and every post that Lee Yoon-jin publishes on social media that is turned into an article. I will respond directly to her claims and refutations in the lawsuit that she filed first.”

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