May 19, 2024
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Love, Hate, and Captivation: A Review of “Captivating The King 2” (2024)

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Love Hate and Captivation A Review of Captivating The King 2 2024

Love? Hate? Both? That’s the question in tvN’s new drama, “Captivating The King” (2024). It’s a story of passion, power, and revenge set in the Joseon dynasty, where two people find themselves locked in a complex dance of attraction and animosity.

tvN’s Captivating The King (2024) is a historical-political romance drama that takes place during the Joseon Dynasty, a time of great tension between the Qing and Ming empires. The story follows the love story between a king named Yi In (played by Jo Jung Suk) and a woman named Kang Hee Soo (played by Shin Se-kyung). Hee Soo is seeking revenge for the death of her family, and she enters the palace disguised as a man.

The drama is written by Kim Sun Deok, who also wrote the historical drama The Crowned Clown (2019), and directed by Cho Nam Gook, who directed the crime-detective drama The Good Detective (2020-22).

The first four episodes of the drama set the stage for the story to come. We see how Yi In and Hee Soo meet and become friends, and how their relationship eventually turns into something more. We also see the political intrigue that is brewing in the palace, as different factions vie for power.

Jo Jung Suk is convincing as the king, and Shin Se-kyung is both beautiful and fierce as Hee Soo. The supporting cast is also strong, and the production values are high.

The King and the Woman (Captivating The King 2)

  • King Yi In (Jo Jung Suk): Once a charming prince, he’s forced to become king, thrust into a world of political struggle.
  • Kang Hee Soo/Mongwoo (Shin Se-kyung): Driven by revenge, she disguises herself as a man and enters the palace, targeting the King.

Captivating The King 2: Expect

  • Intense Power Struggle: The King fights for his throne against enemies within and without.
  • Forbidden Love: As King Yi In and Kang Hee Soo grow closer, their hidden identities threaten everything.
  • Thrilling Suspense: Spies and betrayals lurk around every corner, keeping you guessing.

Captivating The King 2: What We Know So Far

  • The first four episodes set the stage, introducing the key players and their motives.
  • The romance is slow-burning but holds promise, fueled by the characters’ complicated pasts.
  • The supporting cast, including familiar faces like Yang Kyung-won and Jo Sung-ha, adds depth and intrigue.


If you love historical dramas with a twist, political intrigue, and a dash of forbidden romance, “Captivating The King” might just captivate you too. Give the first few episodes a try and see if you get hooked!

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