June 22, 2024
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Kim Ki-ri & Moon Ji-in Wedding: Photos, Ceremony Details & More!

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Kim Ki ri Moon Ji in Wedding Photos Ceremony Details More

Comedian Kim Ki-ri (39) and actress Moon Ji-in (38) exchanged vows in a stunning outdoor wedding ceremony on May 17th.

The ceremony, held at an undisclosed location in Seoul, was attended by a star-studded guest list befitting the union of the well-respected comedian and actress. Singer Baek Ji-young and veteran comedienne Jo Hye-ryeon serenaded the couple with congratulatory songs.

The couple, who chose May, the ‘season of the queen,’ for their special day, exchanged vows amidst a breathtaking outdoor venue adorned with vibrant flowers. Throughout the ceremony, they held hands tightly, their eyes sparkling with love and happiness. Guests captured touching moments of Moon Ji-in overcome with emotion, shedding tears of joy, as Kim Ki-ri comforted her with warm embraces.

Actress Jeon Hye-bin shared a video of the couple on her social media, expressing her heartfelt congratulations, “The most blessed couple in the world! Congratulations to both of you!” Actor Kang Kyun Sung also extended his well wishes, writing, “Ki-ri and Ji-in, congratulations on your wedding!”

Kim Ki-ri and Moon Ji-in’s journey from friends to lovers and ultimately to husband and wife has been nothing short of heartwarming. Earlier this year, they announced their wedding plans, receiving an outpouring of love and support from fans and colleagues alike.

Korean Stars Kim Ki ri Moon Ji in Get Married See Photos

Recalling the moment he knew Moon Ji-in was the one, Kim Ki-ri shared, “We’ve been close friends for so long that I guess I took things a bit slow. It took us a while to realize our feelings for each other. One day, as I was comforting a friend who was going through a tough time, driving home, I realized, ‘I want to spend the rest of my life feeling this kind of joy with this woman.’ I pulled over to the side of the road, told her, ‘Let’s just live together like this,’ and burst into tears.”

Moon Ji-in echoed Kim Ki-ri’s sentiments, expressing her admiration for his genuine care, “Kim Ki-ri is someone who is sincere and thoughtful towards me. We promise to be a couple who will always strive to maintain the same mindset and attitude towards each other.”

Born in 1985, Kim Ki-ri rose to fame as a comedian on KBS’s “Gag Concert” after joining the network’s 25th open audition. In 2012, he received the KBS Entertainment Award for Best New Male Comedian. Since then, he has expanded his career into acting, appearing in films such as “Zombie Crush in Heyri” (2021) and plays like “HerzKlang” (2022), as well as dramas like “Home for Summer” (2019) and “Hello, Me!” (2021). This year, he will star as Ki-hoon in the drama “Ms. Apocalypse” and has also completed filming for the movie “Portrait of a Family.”

Moon Ji-in, born in 1986, made her debut in 2009 as an actress through SBS’s 11th open audition. She has since appeared in various dramas, including “Secret” (2013), “Yong Pal” (2015), “Times” (2021), and “Kill Heel” (2022). Recently, she gained popularity for her honest and down-to-earth charm in SBS’s “Kick a Goal.”

Comedian Jo Hye-ryeon extended her warm wishes to the newlyweds.

In addition, Jo Hye-ryeon shared a short video on her social media, accompanied by the caption, “Ki-ri and Ji-in’s beautiful wedding. Congratulations~~♡♡”

The video captured Kim Ki-ri and Moon Ji-in sharing a kiss, their elegant attire and radiant smiles exuding the epitome of a happy couple. Netizens who came across the post showered the couple with, writing, “Such a beautiful couple! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness,” and “Congratulations!”

Moon Ji-in and Kim Ki-ri tied the knot on May 17th, with Jo Hye-ryeon gracing the ceremony with her heartwarming vocals.

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