June 22, 2024
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NewJeans’ Minji Reaches Out to Fans Amidst HYBE and ADOR Dispute

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NewJeans Minji Reaches Out to Fans Amidst HYBE and ADOR Dispute

Minji Sends Reassuring Message to NewJeans’ Fandom “Bunnies”

On May 18th, NewJeans’ Minji, utilized the fan communication platform “Phoning” to deliver a message to fans. The message aimed to comfort fans who were understandably worried about the ongoing management dispute between HYBE, the parent company, and ADOR, NewJeans’ label, potentially impacting the group.

Minji stated: “New Jeans is stronger than what Bunnies (New Jeans fandom name) are thinking and worrying about.”

Adding a touch of humor, she continued, “We are rabbits with guts and guns. Boom boom boom,” joking, “You know the gun is a joke, right? Love bullets?”

HYBE’s Legal Actions Against ADOR

The dispute between HYBE and ADOR has intensified in recent months. Here’s a timeline of key developments:

  • April 22nd: HYBE filed a suspicion of takeover against ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin.
  • April 22nd: HYBE also filed a complaint with the Seoul Yongsan Police Station against CEO Min Hee-jin and Deputy Director A on charges of breach of trust in business.
  • May 7th: CEO Min Hee-jin’s side requested a provisional injunction to prohibit the exercise of voting rights filed against HYBE.
  • May 17th: A hearing was held at the Seoul Central District Court regarding the injunction request.

NewJeans Members Submit Petitions to the Court

According to legal sources, all five members of NewJeans – Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein – submitted petitions to the Seoul Central District Court on May 17th. The petitions are believed to express the members’ desire to remain with ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin.

The specific contents of the petitions have not been made public yet. However, the industry expects the court to upload the petitions as files next week, allowing public access to their contents.

HYBE Seeks to Replace ADOR Leadership

The situation remains tense as HYBE has scheduled an extraordinary general meeting for ADOR on May 31st. This meeting reportedly aims to replace CEO Min Hee-jin and other ADOR executives.

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