June 14, 2024
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Jin’s Surprise Message from the Military: Will His “Pretty Face” Ever Return?

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Jins Surprise Message from the Military Will His Pretty Face Ever Return

On February 6th, a surprise treat for ARMYs arrived on BANGTANTV in the form of a video titled “Message from Jin: Feb 2024.” In the video, Jin, currently serving in the military, greets fans with a warm hello and an update on his life.

“It’s great to see you again,” he says, reminding everyone he’s still 31 (even though the video was filmed later). He’s even in the middle of learning how to make alcohol with his teacher, Park Rokdam! “The more it ages, the better it tastes,” he explains, hinting at a future treat for fans when the alcohol is finally ready.

While the exact timeframe is a little fuzzy (“a year and a half? Maybe two years?”), Jin wanted to share a glimpse into his life and send his love to ARMYs. He encourages everyone to stay healthy and warm during the cold months, reminding them that he misses them dearly.

With a touch of humor, Jin ends the video with a playful message: “I’ll be back next month or the month after that. This pretty face… I’m not sure if I’ll get it back,” he jokes, referring to his youthful appearance. “But hey, take a good look now!”

This heartfelt video serves as a reminder that despite being away, Jin’s connection with his fans remains strong. It’s a sweet message that will surely warm the hearts of ARMYs worldwide.

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