June 14, 2024
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Little Finger (2024 K-Movie)

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The webtoon “Little Finger” by Yiksu Lee, which was a hit online last year, is set to be adapted into a drama.

The drama production company “My Name Is Entertainment” announced that it has signed a contract for the rights to “Little Finger” and will begin production.

“Little Finger” has been praised by netizens for its “solid composition and storyline” and “heartwarming story that is both sad and realistic.” It was serialized on the portal site Naver from May 2008 to October 2009 and received a rating of 9.7 out of 10.

My Name Is Entertainment said, “We are currently working on the planning and composition of the drama “Little Finger,” based on the webtoon by Yiksu Lee, with the goal of broadcasting it in the second half of this year. We plan to add new elements of fun as it is reborn from a webtoon to a drama. We are also looking for actors who are suitable for the lead roles of “Little Finger.” We plan to cast the best actors in Korea for this popular work.”

“Little Finger” tells the story of a protagonist with a dark past who visits the hospital room of a girl who is in a vegetative state due to an accident he caused. The protagonist begins to reflect on his past life of crime and tries to live a new life as he tells the girl about his life. The story also tells the sad love story of the girl.

Yong Ho, a hardened criminal, was fleeing on a motorcycle when he collided with a girl named Chae Bin, who was crossing the sidewalk. The accident left Chae Bin in a vegetative state, and Yong Ho was arrested for his actions. He served three years in prison for his crime, and upon his release, he vowed to make a fresh start. However, he was met with a sobering reality: Chae Bin was still in the hospital, and his mother had been paying for her medical expenses with money borrowed from a loan shark. Yong Ho was deeply remorseful for his actions, and he couldn’t help but resent Chae Bin for the burden she had placed on his family. Yet, whenever he saw Chae Bin lying in her hospital bed, he couldn’t help but feel a pang of sympathy for her.

Meanwhile, Yong Ho’s mother was working tirelessly to keep their family afloat. She was illegally selling food at the market to make ends meet, and she barely had enough time to rest. Yong Ho watched his mother struggle, and he felt an overwhelming sense of guilt and shame. He knew that he was the reason for her suffering, and he wished he could take back the accident that had changed their lives forever.

One day, Yong Ho visited Chae Bin in the hospital. As he stood by her bedside, he looked into her eyes and saw a flicker of life. It was a small sign, but it gave Yong Ho hope. He realized that Chae Bin was not lost, and that there was still a chance for her to recover.

From that day on, Yong Ho dedicated himself to caring for Chae Bin. He visited her regularly, and he helped his mother with her medical expenses. He also started working odd jobs to make extra money, and he even turned down a job offer from his former gang members in order to stay clean.

As Yong Ho spent more time with Chae Bin, he began to see her not as a victim, but as a symbol of hope. He saw in her the strength and resilience that he needed to overcome his own past. He realized that he could not change the past, but he could use it to make a better future for himself and for Chae Bin.

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