June 22, 2024
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Actress Chun Woo Hee Shares Her Thoughts on Starring in “Han Gong-ju”

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Actress Chun Woo Hee Shares Her Thoughts on Starring in Han Gong ju

On June 5th, Chun Woo Hee appeared on tvN’s variety show “You Quiz on the Block.”

Actress Chun Woo Hee recently appeared on the tvN variety show “You Quiz on the Block” to discuss her role in the film “Han Gong-ju,” a movie inspired by the real-life Miryang rape case of 2004.

A Labor of Love: Making “Han Gong-ju”

Chun Woo Hee revealed the unique circumstances surrounding the film’s production:

“‘Han Gong-ju’ was a film that everyone came together to make without any production fee,’ Chun Woo Hee said.

Despite the challenges, Chun Woo Hee expressed her belief in the importance of the story:

“‘I had some concerns about whether the public would be interested in such a difficult story, but I was confident that our story would have meaning,’ she added.”

Giving Voice to the Silenced

“Han Gong-ju,” released in 2014, tells the story of the titular character, a victim of gang rape, who attempts to rebuild her life at a new school. Director Lee Su-jin, in a 2019 interview with Cine21, explained her vision for the film:

“I had a strong desire not to mention the (real-life) incident in ‘Han Gong-ju,'” Lee said. “I was worried that it would be treated as something from the past if it was based on a real story.”

Lee continued:

“I wanted to emphasize that the violence they experienced is still happening around us today.”

Breakthrough Role and a Lasting Bond

Chun Woo Hee’s performance in “Han Gong-ju” earned her the Best Actress Award at the 35th Blue Dragon Film Awards. It was also her first leading role in ten years. Chun Woo Hee spoke about her deep connection to the character:

“‘I felt like I was spending time with that friend (Han Gong-ju) alone, hoping and relying on each other. I always wanted to be there for her,’ Chun Woo Hee said.”

She elaborated on her sense of responsibility towards the character:

“‘I’ve let go of all the characters I’ve played so far, but I always felt like I had to protect Gong-ju. I guess I had a sense of responsibility.’

Shedding Light on a Dark Reality

Chun Woo Hee explained her motivation for taking on the role:

“‘I wanted to shed a little light on the marginalized and comfort those who have been hurt,’ she said.”

The Miryang Rape Case: A Tragedy of Injustice

The film “Han Gong-ju” draws inspiration from the Miryang rape case, a horrific event that took place in 2004:

  • In 2004, a group of 44 high school students and others in Miryang, Gyeongsangnam-do, lured a middle school girl from Ulsan to Miryang and gang-raped her for a year.

The case was marred by a lack of accountability for the perpetrators:

  • The authorities only indicted 10 of the 44 suspects, with none receiving any criminal punishment.
  • Police officers further traumatized the victims with insensitive remarks and by forcing them to identify their attackers in public.

The fight for justice for the victims of the Miryang rape case continues:

  • A recent revelation exposed a YouTube channel that claimed to have the victims’ consent to disclose the identities of the perpetrators. This claim was proven to be false.

The Korean Council on Sexual Violence, a victim support group, issued a press release condemning the act and stating the victims had no knowledge of the videos.

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