June 22, 2024
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IVE’s An Yu-jin Chosen as Maxim Coffee Model, Netizens React Positively

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An Yu-jin, member of the girl group IVE, was chosen as the new model for Maxim Coffee. This follows a trend of Maxim Coffee using popular stars to promote their products. An Yu-jin’s selection was met with positive reactions online, with many praising her fit for the role. Her recent success on the variety show “Earth Arcade” is seen as a contributing factor to her popularity. An Yu-jin is also known for her beauty and modelling work for various brands. Online comments describe her as having a great personality.

IVEs Ahn Yujin Chosen as Maxim Coffee Model Netizens React Positively

An Yu-jin Takes the Reigns as the New Face of Maxim Coffee

On June 6th, news broke that IVE member An Yu-jin had been chosen as the new model for Maxim Coffee, a brand that has previously been endorsed by top stars. This news has sparked heated reactions among netizens, with many expressing positive opinions about the selection.

Online Buzz Surrounds An Yu-jin’s Perfect Fit

Online communities have been flooded with comments praising An Yu-jin’s selection. Positive remarks included:

  • “An Yu-jin’s image is really good,”
  • An Yu-jin was well-chosen for Maxim’s advertisement,” and
  • “An Yu-jin has a favorable image.”

Following in the Footsteps of Industry Giants

An Yu-jin recently made headlines for becoming the new model for Dongseo Food’s Maxim Supreme Gold, a position previously held by Park Seo-joon. This comes after Dongseo Food replaced Lee Na-young with Park Bo-young as the model for Maxim Mocha Gold after 24 years, in a move to attract younger consumers.

Netizens React to An Yu-jin’s Impressive Portfolio

Netizens showed great interest in An Yu-jin’s selection, showering her with praise:

  • “Her career moves are amazing, from Dongwon Tuna to Hana Financial Services to Maxim Coffee,”
  • “Interview pass free,”
  • “An Yu-jin only takes on big projects,”
  • “Maxim really only casts top stars for their ads. Amazing. I guess An Yu-jin’s image is really good,”
  • “Financial services, coffee, this is the real deal,”
  • “Let’s go for soju commercials too,”
  • “Her face is perfect for Maxim Coffee,” and
  • “She has a face that adults love.”

Popularity Fueled by “Earth Arcade”

An Yu-jin’s popularity is largely attributed to her appearance on the tvN variety show “Earth Arcade” directed by PD Na Young-seok. IVE has a large following of elementary, middle, and high school students, and their parents are also naturally exposed to the group. Ahn Yujin’s charming, witty, and upright personality on “Earth Arcade” has captured the hearts of people of all ages, further increasing her popularity and public image.

Natural Beauty with Global Appeal

An Yu-jin possesses a perfect appearance with a tall stature and refreshing facial features. Her title as a “natural beauty” since her trainee days, when her growth was revealed, has also greatly contributed to her value. Additionally, having shed the image of an idol loved only by her fandom and established herself as a mainstream star, she is an “irreplaceable” advertising model for advertisers.

An Yu-jin: Model Student and Global Fashionista

An Yu-jin is currently active as an advertising model in various fields such as beauty, fashion, and lifestyle products. In particular, her ability to digest fashion items as a global luxury brand Fendi ambassador was remarkable. She showcased a “giraffe” presence that was no less than that of top foreign models at global fashion events, and even completed her look with a sophisticated attitude.

Ahn Yu jin Stuns in Fendi

The Epitome of a Model Student

Netizens are unanimous in their opinion of An Yu-jin’s image, saying that she has a “strong self-esteem and a smart and centered personality.” One netizen expressed:

“She’s the type who plays hard but never misses attendance or tardiness, and she always submits her assignments on time. She’s the epitome of a model student,” adding, “If I had a daughter like that, I wouldn’t want to send her off to get married. If I had a younger sister like that, I’d be proud and want to do anything for her.”

Meanwhile, An Yu-jin appeared on Mnet’s survival audition show “Produce 48” in 2018 and finished in 5th place, making her debut as a member of the project girl group IZONE. After the end of IZONE’s project activities, she re-debuted as a member of the girl group IVE in December 2021 and is currently serving as the group’s leader.

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