May 19, 2024
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Joy of Life Season 2 Heats Up with New Poster, Pre-Screening Ceremony

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Joy of Life” Season 2 New Poster Released

On May 6th, the TV series “Joy of Life” Season 2 (Qing Yu Nian 2) released a new poster, with the official Weibo account posting “Overlooking the road ahead, I am calm and relaxed, watching ‘Joy of Life’ in Kyoto for the second time..”

Joy of Life Season 2 Qing Yu Nian 2 released a new poster with the official Weibo

Pre-Screening Ceremony Kicks Off in Chongqing

At the same time, the pre-screening ceremony for “Joy of Life” Season 2 in four cities and ten venues was also officially launched on the same day. In the afternoon of the 6th, the first stop of the pre-screening ceremony for “Joy of Life” Season 2 arrived in Chongqing.

Cast Interacts with Fans at the Ceremony

In the post-screening interactive session, lead actors Zhang Ruo Yun (Fan Xian), Li Qin (Lin Wan Er), and Guo Qi Lin (Fan Sizhe) appeared at the event site. Zhang Ruo Yun gave fans hot pot ingredients with the word “Qing” on them, Li Qin gave out fans, and Guo Qi Lin gave out an abacus with the characteristics of his character in the play. The fans were enthusiastic and the scene was boiling.

About the Drama

“Joy of Life” Season 2 is an ancient costume drama produced by Cao Hua Yi. The drama stars Zhang Ruo Yun, Li Qin, Chen Dao Ming, Wu Gang, Guo Qi Lin and others. It is adapted from the novel of the same name by Mao Ni, and tells the story of a young man with a mysterious background, Fan Xian (played by Zhang Ruo Yun), who goes through various tests and trials in the family, Jianghu, and the court, and writes a legendary story of his life.

Success of Season 1 and Anticipation for Season 2

“Joy of Life” was first aired in 2019 and became a popular drama that year. Since its first season aired, it has won the love of a wide audience with its gripping plot, and superb acting skills. The second season has assembled the original cast and crew, and has further explored and expanded the plot and character relationships.

Cast Members Share Their Thoughts on Returning Roles

  • Zhang Ruo Yun on Fan Xian’s Growth:

At the Chongqing pre-screening ceremony, Zhang Ruoyun revealed that after five years, he has a deeper understanding of the role of Fan Xian, “Every scene and character relationship in the second season can see Fan Xian’s growth. He is more determined than Fan Xian in the first season, he takes Ye Qingmei as a benchmark, and has more courage to move forward towards his goals.”

  • Li Qin on Lin Wan Er’s Development:

As for the changes in the role of Fan Xian’s official match, Lin Wan Er (played by Li Qin), Li Qin said with a smile that Lin Wan Er in the second season is a virtuous helper, and she is more intelligent and knows how to plan and strategize than in the first season. She hopes that everyone will see a different Lin Wan Er.

  • Guo Qi Lin on Fan Sizhe’s Continuity:

Fan Xian’s younger brother Fan Sizhe (played by Guo Qi Lin) continues his amazing business acumen in the second season, and continues to expand the family business. He also contracted much of the show’s laughs. Guo Qi Lin said: “In five years, the three of us have had a lot of life experiences, but when we return to the play, we are still the same people, and the taste of the play will not change.”

Special Meaning Behind Choosing Chongqing for First Stop

The choice of Chongqing as the first stop of the pre-screening ceremony also has a special meaning. “Chong” in Chongqing can express reunion, and “Qing” can represent “Joy of Life”. Together, it is “Reunion Joy of Life”. To wish the show a good rating, the event site prepared a hot pot for the lead actors.

Premiere Information

It is reported that the pre-screening ceremony of “Joy of Life” Season 2 will also be held in Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin. The drama will very soon premiere on CCTV’s TV Drama Channel and Tencent Video. Please stay tuned.

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