July 24, 2024
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Nature Disbands After Haru’s Alleged Cabaret Club Work

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Girl group “Nature” has officially disbanded following allegations that member Haru was working at a hostess bar in Japan. The group’s agency, n.CH Entertainment, announced the news on April 27th through Nature’s fan-cafe.

“After several years of hard work and receiving love from fans since their debut, “Nature” will be officially ending their group activities,” the agency stated.

Decision to Disband Follows Rumors Surrounding Haru
Haru | Sakura Ruru

Decision to Disband Follows Rumors Surrounding Haru

The decision to disband comes after rumors surfaced that Haru (24, real name Abe Haruno) was working at a cabaret club in Japan. On April 24th, a video introducing female hostesses at a Japanese cabaret club appeared on the club’s social media, and a woman resembling Haru was featured in the video.

Haru Allegedly Worked Under Stage Name “Sakura Ruru”

The woman in the video introduced herself under the stage name “‘Sakura Ruru” and said that she was a “new rookie who has been working for 3 months.” She went on to say that she “worked as a K-pop idol for 6 years since she was 18” and that she is “now working as a cabaret hostess to raise money to establish a dance studio.”

When the woman explained that she had worked as a K-pop idol, photos of Nature’s Haru appeared in the video, and ‘Sakura Ruru’s birthday, February 21st, is the same as Nature’s Haru’s birthday.

Sohee to Pursue Solo Career Under n.CH Entertainment

“We sincerely apologize to the many fans who have been waiting for Nature’s return,” the agency continued. “After deep discussions with the members about their future activities and possibilities, we have decided to end group activities and go our separate ways.”

Sohee, however, will remain with the agency and continue her career as a solo artist.

Decision to Disband Follows Rumors Surrounding Haru

Nature’s Career Trajectory: Debut, Challenges, and Recent Hiatus

“Nature” debuted in March 2018 with the single album “Girls and Flowers.” The group faced difficulties with group activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but they released the new song “RICA RICA” in January 2022 and the mini-album “NATURE WORLD: CODE W” in November of that year. However, they have not been active since then.

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