May 19, 2024
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“EXchange 3” Couples Update: Who’s Still Together After Finale?

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Did They Find Love EXchange Season 3 Finale Results Revealed

Final Choices Leave Some in Tears, Others Finding Love

The highly anticipated finale of “EXchange Season 3,” also known as “Transit Love 3,” aired live on TVING at 2 PM on April 19th. This episode showcased the emotional rollercoaster ride of the final choices for the 12 cast members.

Gwang-tae & Jong-eun: Saying Goodbye

The episode opened with Gwang-tae and Jong-eun, who had initially gotten into the car together. They shared tearful goodbyes, marking the end of their journey. Gwang-tae then headed to meet Seo-kyung, his final choice, while Jong-eun waited for Ju-won, the person she chose.

Min-hyung & Sang-jeong: Choosing Love Over Tradition!

Meanwhile, Min-hyung and Sang-jeong opted for a different path. After a heartfelt conversation, they decided to pursue a real relationship instead of the pre-marriage pact they had discussed earlier. They sealed their choice with hand-holding and a date.

Da-hye & Chang-jin: A Second Chance at Love (But Not for Each Other)

Da-hye, who initially got into the car with Dong-jin, ultimately chose Chang-jin, her ex. Recognizing she couldn’t win Dong-jin’s heart, Da-hye declared, “My choice is a complete breakup with Dong-jin.” However, Chang-jin had a different plan, choosing Yoo-jung instead.

Seo-kyung’s Choice Leaves Everyone Surprised!

Seo-kyung, chosen by Gwang-tae, surprised everyone by picking Ju-won, who remained unnamed at the time. Unfortunately, Ju-won rejected Seo-kyung’s choice, revealing his own feelings for Yoo-jung. He dropped Seo-kyung off and waited for Yoo-jung at a cafe.

EXchange Season 3 Finale Surprises

Yoo-jung & Chang-jin: Rekindling an Old Flame

The drama continued as Yoo-jung chose Chang-jin, her ex-partner. Despite Ju-won’s confession, Yoo-jung stated, “I think I still need to take care of this person.” This news left Chang-jin flustered but ultimately happy.

Hwi-hyun & Hye-won: Friendship Over Romance

The final couple to make a decision was Hwi-hyun and Hye-won. Hwi-hyun attempted to sway Hye-won’s mind on the way, but she remained steadfast. Hye-won revealed, “You said you saw me smiling on Jeju Island and felt attracted again, but the one who made me smile was Dong-jin oppa. I also want to be the one who can make Dong-jin oppa smile.” Hwi-hyun, faced with this honesty, realized Hye-won wouldn’t choose him.

The finale episode feature of “Transit Love,” followed up with the couples who remained together. Yoo-jung and Chang-jin, as well as Sang-jeong and Min-hyung, were thriving in their relationships. Dong-jin and Hye-won, however, did not pursue a real-life relationship.

“EXchange Season 3” Comes to a Close

The finale also showcased lighter moments, featuring the cast members going on a fun trip together, celebrating birthdays, and creating memories at a photo studio. These scenes served as a heartwarming reminder of the strong bond that formed between them throughout the season.

With the 20th episode on April 19th, “EXchange Season 3,” the TVING original variety show, came to an emotional and unpredictable end.

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