May 19, 2024
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YouTuber Park Wi and Song Ji Eun Announce Wedding date in New Video

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YouTuber Park Wi and Song Ji Eun Announce Wedding date in New Video 1

YouTuber Park Wi and Former Secret’s Song Ji Eun Announce October Wedding. The YouTube channel ‘WERACLE‘ uploaded a video titled “You finally got me!” on May 8th to share their wedding news.

Couple Expresses Excitement About Upcoming Wedding

In the video, Park Wi and Song Ji Eun couldn’t contain their joy. “We’re finally getting married,” they announced, “We’ve set a date.”

Song Ji Eun admitted to some pre-wedding jitters, “I’m starting to feel it a little. I never really felt real about getting married,” she confessed. “I tried on a wedding dress a while ago, and I strangely felt it. I keep imagining myself in it.”

Park Wi expressed their future together, saying, ‘I’m really looking forward to our future. I want to show that we can live happily. I want to show Ji Eun and everyone that happiness is not something special, but happiness in everyday life.'”

Song Ji Eun agreed, adding, “That’s right. It’s not about doing something special to be happy, but just living that makes you happy.”

October 9th Set for Outdoor Wedding

The couple revealed their wedding date as October 9th. Park Wi explained the unique circumstances behind the date, “We booked a wedding venue a year ago. There was only October 9 available,” he said. “But it’s an outdoor wedding, so I’m going to get cold. We were waiting for a date to be canceled. We wanted to do it in September.”

“So we decided to wait until May, and in the end it didn’t get canceled. So we’re getting married on October 9th,” he added.

Song Ji Eun confirmed with a smile, “That’s right. We’re getting married. On October 9th,”

Park Wi, visibly touched, said, “I’m so excited right now.”

Park Wi’s Journey of Overcoming Quadriplegia

Park Wi’s story is one of resilience. After a fall in 2014, he was diagnosed with quadriplegia. Through rehabilitation, he has regained some mobility and now uses a wheelchair.

Park Wi is a popular YouTuber with over 800,000 subscribers. He also comes from a well-known family background. His father is PD Park Chan-hong, the director behind  shows like “School 2” (1999-2000), “Memory” (2016), “Miraculous Brothers” (2023), and “Beautiful World” (2019).

Congratulations Pour In After Couple Announces Engagement

Park Wi and Song Ji Eun only announced their relationship in December of last year. Their wedding news, after just six months together, has been met with an outpouring of congratulations.

What are your thoughts on Park Wi and Song Ji Eun’s wedding announcement?

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