July 19, 2024
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Secret’s Song Jieun and YouTuber Park Wi to Get Married

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Secrets Song Jieun and YouTuber Park Wi to Get Married

On March 12, 2024, singer-actress Song Jieun (34) and YouTuber Park Wi (36) announced their upcoming marriage. The couple, who went public with their relationship in late 2023, have received enthusiastic support from netizens for their “love that transcends disability.”

Song and Park each posted statements on their respective Instagram accounts, confirming the news of their engagement. Song wrote, “We are indeed planning to get married. The exact date of the ceremony has not yet been set, so I thought it was too early to announce it, but I felt it was right to let you know what many people are curious about.

She continued, “I am grateful and happy to be able to dream of the future with someone who is like the last piece of the puzzle in my incomplete life. I hope you will look forward to and support our daily lives as we become a couple on a beautiful autumn day.

Park Wi also wrote, “I am busy and spending my days without any rest, but thanks to Ji-eun, who fills every moment of my life with love, I am grateful these days.” He added, “On a beautiful autumn day, I promised to spend the rest of my life with my beloved Ji-eun.

In a video on Park’s YouTube channel “위라클 WERACLE,” the couple shared more details about their marriage plans. Song said, “From the moment we met, we prepared for marriage while dating.” She explained, “As our trust and faith in each other grew, we decided to get married because we thought it would be good to share our future together.”

Song also expressed her disappointment that the news of their wedding date was leaked before they were fully prepared to share it. She said, “There is still so much to do in the process of getting married. It feels bitter that the news came out in an article before we were even 50% done, and that it was announced through someone else’s hands.” She added, “Once we are ready to share enough information, we will be sure to let our subscribers know first.”

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