July 24, 2024
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LE SSERAFIM Heats Up Showcase with BOLD Fashion Choice! “EASY” Era Begins

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LE SSERAFIM held a media showcase on February 19 to commemorate the release of their third mini-album, “EASY.” The event took place at the Hwajung Gymnasium of Korea University in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul.

Huh Yun-jin drew attention by wearing a pantsless look, heating up the atmosphere of the showcase.

“It’s LE SSERAFIM’s first album of the year, so I’m both excited and nervous,” said Huh Yunjin, ahead of the release of their new album in nine months. “Last year, we showed a new side of ourselves with ‘Perfect Night.’ This time, we worked hard to get people to react with, ‘LE SSERAFIM can do this kind of vibe too?’ So please look forward to it.”

“We’ve shown a lot of confident images, but this time we’re showing a more vulnerable side. Some people might think, ‘Why is LE SSERAFIM so different?’ But we’re a team that talks about what we really want to talk about, so it was a bit of a burden, but I think the comfort and emotion we can give is greater because it’s honest. I even think it makes us stronger. I also hope that this song will make LE SSERAFIM feel more relatable.”

“When I was promoting ‘Perfect Night,’ I went to my hometown, New York. There was an advertisement for LE SSERAFIM in Times Square. I also auditioned in New York. When I left for Korea, and when I came back, I always took a plane from New York, so it was unbelievable and such a happy memory to be there with the members.”

The mini-album “EASY” consists of five tracks: the trap-genre title track “EASY,” the hard rock-sounded “Good Bones,” the soft-melodied “Swan Song,” the groovy “Smart,” and the vocal-driven “We Got to So Much.”

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