July 24, 2024
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UNIQ’s Sung Joo Confirms Marriage & Child in Heartfelt Apology to Fans

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UNIQs Sung Joo Admits to Being Married and Having a Child

UNIQ’s Sung Joo, has admitted to the rumors that he is married and has a child. This news came to light after a recent live broadcast for his birthday. During the broadcast, a voice message from his fellow UNIQ member, Li Wenhan, was played. In the message, Wenhan said, “Isn’t your son sleeping right now? Tell him to come here quickly and let his uncle hug him.” Sung Joo quickly turned off the voice message after hearing this, sparking rumors online about his marital status and child.

On March 2nd, Kim Sung Joo took to Instagram to apologize for not being honest with his fans sooner. He wrote, “I apologize for surprising many of you with the sudden news through online communities and social media, and for not being able to show you my true self.” He continued, “I wanted to tell my fans who have always supported and loved me sooner, but I was cautious and couldn’t bring myself to do so. However, I want to be honest and say that I will try my best to be a good husband and father, and I will cherish my precious family and live my life beautifully.

Kim Sung Joo is a South Korean actor and singer. He’s a member of UNIQ, a Chinese-South Korean boy group formed by Yuehua Entertainment in 2014. Before joining UNIQ, Kim Sung Joo trained under YG Entertainment and was even considered for a spot in the group WINNER. The group’s activities were halted in 2016 due to the Korean Wave ban in China. Since then, Sung Joo has been focusing on his acting career, appearing in dramas such as Terius Behind Me (2018) and Live Up to Your Name (2017).

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