June 22, 2024
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K-Drama ‘Bitter Sweet Hell’ Releases Suspenseful Highlight Reel

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Highlight reel released two days ahead of the premiere of the new MBC Friday-Saturday drama “Bitter Sweet Hell”

Bitter Sweet Hell Highlight video

Kim Hee-sun and Lee Hye-young Team Up in New MBC Drama “Bitter Sweet Hell”

On May 22nd, the production team for the new MBC Friday-Saturday drama “Bitter Sweet Hell” (written by Nam Ji-yeon and directed by Lee Dong-hyun, Kim Seung-Woo) released a highlight reel on their official YouTube channel. The video showcases Kim Hee-sun and Lee Hye-young struggling to find Kim Nam-hee’s character, who has mysteriously disappeared. The clip manages to balance a comical aspect with an underlying eerie atmosphere.

Black Comedy with a Family Twist

“Bitter Sweet Hell” is a black comedy that tells the story of Noh Young-won (played by Kim Hee-sun), a top family psychologist in South Korea. Noh Young-won’s seemingly perfect life is turned upside down when she’s threatened by an anonymous blackmailer targeting both her career and family. To protect her loved ones, she joins forces with her mother-in-law, Hong Sa-gang (played by Lee Hye-young), a mystery novelist.

Lighthearted Moments Amidst Suspense

The highlight reel opens with a scene of Noh Young-won and Choi Jae-jin (played by Kim Nam-hee) celebrating a victory. They’re walking up to the stage after winning the Psychiatrist and Plastic Surgeon of the Year awards, respectively. Noh Young-won even addresses the audience with a warm question: “How was your family this week?” However, the mood quickly shifts as we see a tense atmosphere at home, with Hong Sa-gang putting down her spoon at the table.

The video then cuts to what appears to be a funeral scene. Lee Se-na (played by Yeonwoo) remarks, “Isn’t it creepy? The death of Prosecutor Choi is exactly the same as Writer Hong Sa-gang’s novel.” Hong Sa-gang reacts with a mix of embarrassment and suspicion, “Are you suspecting me?” Noh Young-won, with a slight smile, replies, “I guess you hated him that much.”

Things take a more serious turn when Choi Jae-jin disappears. Hong Sa-gang suggests to Noh Young-won, “Shouldn’t we find Jae-jin together?” Their search intensifies as they witness a shocking scene: a car being pulled out of the sea. The discovery leaves them shaken. Hong Sa-gang asserts, “We’re trapped,” while Noh Young-won expresses her growing fear, “I don’t even know if this is my family anymore.”

A Complex Cast of Characters

The highlight reel also offers glimpses into the lives of other characters. Choi Jae-jin, now with a serious expression, questions his purpose: “I don’t even know what I wanted and lived for.” Lee Se-na, on the other hand, has a bright smile, hinting at a hidden agenda: “Maybe this is the last chance to be free.” Noh Young-min (played by Hwang Chan-seong) seems frustrated, saying, “I was stopped by Noh Young-won again.” In contrast, Choi Do-hyun (played by Jae-chan) appears calm and composed, stating, “I’ll follow my mom (Noh Young-won)’s choice.”

Focus on Family and Revenge

The central conflict of the drama is further emphasized by contrasting statements. Hong Sa-gang declares, “What’s important here is not to find the truth, but the peace of our family,” while Noh Young-won, fueled by anger, shouts, “I’ll pay you back for everything I’ve been through!”

A Unique Viewing Experience

The production team promises a captivating story: “We have condensed the meaningful contents that will permeate ‘Bitter Sweet Hell’ that you will meet in the future into the highlight reel in a strong and impactful way.” They express confidence in the show’s originality, stating, “We are confident that it will contain a new story that has never been seen before.” Viewers are encouraged to look forward to the premiere on May 24th at 9:50 PM, where the “life-related comic thriller” will truly come to life.

“Bitter Sweet Hell” will premiere on the 24th at 9:50 p.m.

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